How To Braid in Hair Extensions

Wearing hair extensions is getting more popular these days.  Aside from enhancing your looks, you also get to do a lot of things to make your hair extensions more attractive.  One of those styling modes is braiding.

Braiding hair extensions is less damaging and less invasive compared with gluing or weaving.  On top of that, it is something that you can try on your own even if you don’t have extensive experience.  Although the process can be a bit drawn-out, it is absolutely worth your valuable time.

So, if you wish to braid your hair extensions, simply follow these instructions.

  • Prepare your braiding stuff.  Get your hair extensions first.  Then, bring out a pair of scissors, a small hair comb, a spray bottle (for water), and a thread (or a thin string).  You also need some hair clips.
  • Divide your hair into sections.  Keep the sectioning small and manageable.  It is a lot easier to start with the hair right on the underside.  Use your clips in separating the hair on the upper portion from that of the bottom part.  Eventually, clip the upper portion.  See to it that hair on that part doesn’t get in the way.
  • Combine your natural hair with your hair extensions.  You can do this by holding your hair extensions just below your natural hair.  Continue by dividing and forming small hair sections into two strands.  The two strands should be placed on either side of your extension piece and then, start your braiding.  Make sure that your extension piece is evenly and tightly woven into your natural hair.
  • Work out the braiding according to the hair sections that you've created. Continue what you have started at the bottom part.  Braid your natural hair with you extension piece until your reach the end.  Use your string in tying the end.  Secure it properly and tightly.  See to it that there are no hair tangles.  You want you braiding to look neat.  Jump to the next hair section.  Again, braid that portion and tie it up after.

    If you find it hard to braid, bring out your spray bottle.  Use it to dampen your hair.  That should do the trick.  Don’t braid too tightly.  It can damage your natural hair.

    Repeat the process until you have covered all the sections.  You can choose to make your braid sections longer or shorter.  Note, however, that longer braid sections require your hair to be kept in braided style.  So, decide if you are willing to go for that.

  • Double-check your braiding.  Go through your hair sectioning again.  See if everything is tight.  Remedy any loose strands and loosen those that are too tight.  Also, note if all your knots are well secured.  If everything looks OK, start removing your hair clips.  Then, continue combing through the loose sections of your hair.  Your natural hair has to cover your hair extensions.

After you have braided and washed your hair, you may feel some tightening up.  Don’t be bothered by that.  That’s expected. Just let your hair dry and find out if your hair extensions remain tightly braided.  Of course, you can prep up your hair the way you like it.


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