How To Bronze Your Body

Caucasian women love getting a tan, especially during the summer. They sunbathe all morning and all afternoon just to get that beautiful glow on their skin. Some women go to tanning salons for the tanning bed and others opt for the spray tan. There is another way to get your body that bronze color without shelling out money on tanning salons or laying under the harmful rays of the sun. You can bronze your own body!

Here are the steps on how you can bronze your own body:

  1. Materials. The materials that you will need for this procedure are a bronzer of your choice, shaving cream, razor, moisturizer, a washcloth, latex gloves, nail police remover, cotton balls and soap. You can read on the types of bronzers that are available and which ones are the best to use. There are the bronzers that you spray on the body and the others are the ones that come in cream form.
  2. Preparation. Prepare your body before you apply the bronzer. Make sure to shave off any excess hair on your legs and armpits. After shaving, apply moisturizer all over your body. Add extra moisturizer to the dry areas of your body, such as the knees, elbows, toes, hands and armpits. Afterwards, let your body completely dry.
  3. Applying the bronzer. When your body is completely dry, you can now apply the bronzer. Wear the latex gloves first. Apply a small amount of bronzer and start with your legs. Rub it on your legs and make sure to cover every area up to your foot and in between your toes. Next, remove your latex gloves and start applying the bronzer on your arms and hands. Make sure that you put only a small amount of bronzer on your elbows and underarms. You may need someone to spread the bronzer on your back. If you are using the spray kind of bronzer, spray at least eight inches away from the body. If you go nearer, you will end up with dark spots on your skin. Avoid putting bronzer on your belly button as it can gather there and look darker than the rest of the skin near your stomach.
  4. Finishing. Now that you are already covered with the bronzer, you can remove any excess bronzer from under your fingernails by using a cotton ball with nail polish remover. Afterwards, wash your hands with some soap and water. Allow the bronzer on your skin to completely dry. This takes about half an hour or so. Check yourself on the mirror to see if there are darker spots on your body. You can lighten these dark spots by rubbing gently with the washcloth. You can dress up when the bronzer is already dry.

These are the simple steps on how you can bronze your body without frying under the sun for hours. This is surely a great way to get a bronze color on your skin without the harmful effects of the sun that can make your skin age quicker. Your friends will definitely notice the wonderful glow that you have.


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