How To Build a Girl's Vanity Table

When your little girl becomes fascinated with makeup and looking pretty and when she starts growing up, she is going to need her own vanity table. This is where she is going to brush her hair, apply beauty products and practice her different smiles before going out. She will also keep all her most precious trinkets and jewelry here so it is very important that she has one. It is easy enough to build one for her even if you have never had carpentry experience before. Plus, building it yourself gives it your own personal touch that your daughter will surely cherish. Here is how to build a girl’s vanity table:

  • Consult your daughter. Lest you forget, this is your daughter’s vanity table. You need to talk to her first to find out what she wants. Ask her if she wants it in a specific color, what decorative materials to use, the size of the mirror, etc. Since she will be using this every day you need to cater to her tastes. The worst thing that could happen is at the unveiling, when she first lays her eyes on it, she thinks it is rubbish because you painted it in her least favorite color. She is the client on this project and you are the architect. The goal is to make her happy and produce the best vanity table possible.
  • Making measurements. No matter the design, you need to make measurements of your child’s room to make sure that everything is in proper order. Getting by “on the fly” is not the best way to do construction projects. Accurate and precise measurements have to be taken in order for the project to be a success. Measure the surface area of the wall and floor to find out how much space you have to work with so that you know how much wood and materials you need.
  • Assemble the materials. Have your paint, varnish, sanding tools, hammers, nails, wood and the rest of the things you will need ready before you begin building the vanity table. You need to be patient but you cannot take too long on the project and constantly stepping out to look for things will only make it last longer. If you are going to be working in your child’s bedroom you will need to work fast because she cannot stay in a room full of paint odors and sharp nails for long.
  • Building the vanity table. You can use a rectangular piece of plywood and for the table top and legs. Cut the pieces in the best approximate size for your daughter and connect them together with screws and nails. Make sure to sand the wood thoroughly and cover up sharp edges. You can use putty to cover up small holes. Hang a mirror above the table with a sturdy nail. Paint and decorate the table and mirror to your daughter’s specifications and voila, you have just built a girl’s vanity table. This is as simple as it gets. You can go bigger and more elaborate by adding lights and more mirrors or stick to this simple style. It really is a matter of taste and will depend on your capabilities and your daughter’s preferences.

When your daughter finally sees her newly-made vanity table, she will jump for a joy and declare you the greatest parent in the world. Your little girl will now have the perfect place to practice becoming a little lady.


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