How To Build a Hair Dryer Caddy

A Hairdryer can become a fire hazard especially after use. It can become rather hot and after using it, if you simply place it on top of a wooden or ceramic countertop, the extreme heat can actually ruin the finish of the countertop. The risk is greater if have a countertop made of wood as laying the hot beauty appliance on top can actually start a fire. To avoid all these, you may want to use a hairdryer caddy, which is typically a holder for your hairdryer. This caddy, which can be likened to a gun holster, will keep your hairdryer safe especially when it gets really hot. This will prevent the risk of fires as well as keep your countertop’s finish intact. To make a hairdryer caddy, you will want to use a material that is fire resistant such as wool or cashmere. The fiber, instead of spreading the flames, will actually extinguish any flame trying to catch on. Here are some simple steps to build and make your own hairdryer caddy.

  • Prepare the material. First off, you will want to either rummage around your closet to find an old sweater made of pure wool or cashmere. If you have none, then consider searching at flea markets and garage sales. As soon as you have the sweater, you will want to make it thicker and denser. To do this, you will want to execute a normal wash and dry. Place it in a laundry bag and inside the washing machine. Add detergent and wash. Once the cycle is complete, take the sweater out and notice that it has become matted. To complete the preparation, throw in the sweater in the dryer and watch it shrink. You want it to shrink to become stronger and thicker.
  • Make the caddy. Once the sweater is dry and strong, place it flat on a table. Place the hairdryer on top of the sweater and trace it with a chalk. Make sure to leave 2 inches on all sides as you trace the appliance. Stop tracing as you complete the head of the hairdryer. You want it to look like a holster. Once that is done, get a pair of scissors and start cutting the sweater based on the tracing. Make sure to cut both sides of the sweater since you will need to pieces of the same size.
  • Start sewing. Once the pieces have been cut, start sewing both pieces together. Make sure to leave an opening for your hairdryer to slide into nicely. Remember to leave a hole at the smaller end to allow the hairdryer’s tip to peek out once inside the caddy. As soon as you complete the sewing, try it out by holstering the hairdryer. You may need to force the hairdryer in a bit and a few times to loosen the caddy. Don’t worry; the fibers are stretchable so it will surely mold depending on what you insert into it.
  • Build the base. After making the caddy, you will want to build a simple base for the caddy to stand in. This is rather simple and all you need are 12 pieces of small wood. Measure the length and width of the head of the hairdryer. 4 pieces of wood should be based on the length. Now, the rest will serve as the base and the opening. You will want to make a vertical 3-D like rectangular box. Position the pieces and start nailing the pieces together. Once that is done, insert the caddy that is now holding the hairdryer into the box.

You have now successfully built and made a caddy with a base to make it stand. Remember to use the hairdryer caddy as a holster for your hairdryer after use or whenever it is not in use.


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