How To Buy a Feather Boa

Fashionable, elegant, and sexy—these are only some of the words that describe a feather boa. Isadora Duncan, Mae West, Billy Graham, and Elton John are just some of the many famous personalities known for their use of feather boas. If you will be going to a special occasion, say an elegant party, you can be flashy and elegant as these people by wrapping around your neck a feather boa.

However, wearing a feather boa is not like wearing a t-shirt. It’s not for everyday use, unless you want to walk on the streets being so fashionable. Want your own feather boa? Below is the buying guide for wise and trendy feather boa shopping:

Set your budget for a feather boa. How much are you willing to spend for a feather boa? Since you will only be using the feather boa for a few times, maybe a cheap one is already okay. But if the occasion is worthy an expensive tag price, then be it.

There are many factors that determine a feather boa’s price: the length, the diameter, the color, and the material. A feather boa can be more expensive if it is longer and bigger. A feather boa with two or three colors is more expensive also compared with a one-color feather boa. The material used also matters to the price. Feather boas made out of authentic feathers like that of ostrich or turkey are more expensive than those made out of fake feathers.

To give you an idea, the feather boa price can range from about $3 to as much as $40.

Decide the kind of feather boa that you want. Have a picture in mind of the perfect feather boa. It should be big and long enough for your dress. Don’t forget to consider your dress—the feather boa should go nicely with it.

Search for the ideal feather boa. Costume specialty stores have more diverse choices of feather boa. Your local fashion store may have this, too. You can also search online and if you do, here are the sites you may want to check out: The website sells accessories with feathers and that include feather boas. Other products you can find here are feathers, fringe, fans, masks, pads, dusters, toys, and earrings.

Party Feathers. Here, you can find more varieties of feather boas—princess boas, ostrich boas, chandelle boas, marabou boas, and fancy boas. Other interesting products here are tiaras, teasers, party masks, party hats, feather leis, feather hair ties, and feather flowers.

ZuckerFeather. Aside from a wide variety of feather boas, the website also sells cuffs, garments, fans, flowers, wigs, masks, headdresses, ornaments, and wings.

Buy it. Found the perfect feather boa? Buy it now before it’s too late. But if you’ll be buying online, there are some safety tips you should follow. First, make sure that your computer is free of any spyware especially keyloggers. Second, make sure that the payment page is safe. It is safe if it has the “https” and the golden lock.

Now you’re ready to show what you’ve got with that feather boa. For sure, you’ll look so fashionable, elegant, and sexy at the party with your perfect feather boa.


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