How To Buy a Hot Towel Warmer

If you are running a spa, salon, restaurant or even a dental clinic, a hot towel warmer keeps your towels warm and sanitized. Actually, it can also be used in your home. It is helpful if you want those warm and moist towels to refresh your face after a long tiring day. All you need is a warmer unit, a good power supply capacity and a convenience outlet. A hot towel warmer is useful if you worry about bacteria or germs growing on your towels. The temperature in the warmer kills the bacteria keeping your towels sanitized. A hot towel warmer is actually a necessity in health service businesses that cater to thousands of people everyday. It would be wasteful to use disposable towels for something that you necessarily use. Sanitizing towels would be the most economical way to deal with it. These steps will help you find and buy the most efficient kind of hot towel warmer:

  1. Decide what hot towel warmer to buy. There are different types of hot towel warmers. One kind is the rack-type. This type gets heat from your house’s hot water system. It is usually located inside a bathroom or washroom. Another type is the cabinet type. This one comes like a microwave. This is handier because you can put this in almost anywhere you desire.
  2. If you decide to buy the cabinet-type of hot towel warmer, decide where to locate it. Be sure there is power supply near where you want it to be. Take measurements of the area so you are sure what size of warmer you are going to get.
  3. Plan on a budget. You should always have a target budget for buying appliances. In this case, search online for current prices. Give yourself a pricing bracket. This will allow you to decide with flexibility and ensure that you are getting the value of your money.
  4. Search through online and catalogs on brands of hot towel warmers. The products usually come with its full specifications. Read the features well and compare one unit to another. Compare towels capacity, temperature levels and price. Do not forget to research on the manufacturers. Find out their qualifications and certifications. Decide on two or three brands to choose from.
  5. Contact the manufacturer or dealer and ask for further details like servicing and warranty. Ask for their service center locations. Ask if those spare parts for their hot towel warmer unit are available locally.
  6. When you have completed all the necessary research and evaluation, choose the brand unit which best suit your need.

Using a hot towel warmer for your business will warrant your business as clean and sanitary. It will make your customers comfortable. When people notice that your services are germ-free with clean hot towels, business will be given a good boost. If you use this in your home, it will give you the same benefits, a guarantee of refreshing and bacteria-free warm towels all day.


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