How To Buy a Tattoo Kit

Having a tattoo

Tattoos are an age old way of modifying the body to add beautiful images on skin. If you are planning on large scale tattoos on your body, you can save money by learning how to apply your own tattoos and by purchasing your own tattoo kit. A tattoo kit is also a must if you are setting up your own tattoo parlor. Here’s what you need to consider before purchasing your tattoo kit.

  1. Conventions. Tattoo artists will usually hold tattoo conventions each year in different areas. This is one of the best opportunities for you to find dealers who will sell you inexpensive tattoo kits. Because of your access to the various tattoo artists in the convention, you can also inquire about where these tattoo artists have purchased their own tattoo kits. You can also ask for subscriptions to newsletters that large tattoo kit makers have, which will allow you to have updated information on the various inks, needles, and other products that you need for tattooing.
  2. Kits. Once you have selected a few kits, be sure to compare the types of gear that are included in each set. Some tattoo kits are more comprehensive than others and will include not only one tattoo machine but two. Some kits also come equipped with shaders, liners, and various kinds of inks. The ink refills in various tattoo kits also vary in amount from one kit to the other, so be sure to check the contents of the kit first and choose the one with the most comprehensive equipment. Be sure also that the materials are of high quality.
  3. Price. Budget is another consideration that you should remember when shopping for a tattoo kit. Begin your shopping spree by setting a budget for the tattoo kit that you will buy. This will allow you to prevent overspending once you are actually purchasing the kits. The best way to set the budget for your tattoo kit is by scanning the price quotes for a usual tattoo kit. Use the Internet to get an idea of how much a decent tattoo kit will cost you. Be sure, however, that you do not choose the cheapest tattoo kit, especially since you will use it for your body and other people’s.
  4. Shipping cost. Plenty of people now purchase their tattoo kits from the web, and many more manufacturers are setting up shops in the Internet. Before signing the form and getting the tattoo kit mailed at home, be sure to check the shipping costs.
  5. Tattoo magazines. Finally, check out the tattoo magazines. Not only will these help you find ideas for tattoos that you will use on your own body, but you can also use the classifieds section to look for discount and inexpensive tattoo kits.

Once you have purchased your own tattoo kit, be sure that you undergo basic training on how to apply tattoo. Whether for yourself or for others, a tattoo is usually a permanent type of body modification, and the last thing that you want is for a mistake to be inked down on skin.


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