How To Buy a Tilley Hat

A Tilley hat is more than just a worthy investment. With its durability alone, it is no wonder why the whole world appreciates and looks up to anyone wearing this kind of hat. This is not to mention its good looks, great functionality, guaranteed protection, and a lot of other great features. Hence, if you are considering buying one, your decision is one of the best you will ever have in your lifetime.

There are a lot of options of Tilley hats in the market these days. When you browse through the list of selections, you will for surely find one that will fit your everyday needs and style preference. To guide you in buying a Tilley, take a look at the following tips:

  • Browse collections of Tilley hats. Visit Tilley’s website at You will see there a wide list of options of Tilley hats. Go directly to the "Hat Comparison Chart." You will see common options for Tilley hats including the differences in brim size, fabric type, and weight. This chart also provides you information as to what activities a specific kind of Tilley is perfect to be used.
  • Browse different selections. At the end of checking the chart, you already have an idea in terms of what kind of hat is best for you to purchase. Click back to the main menu and find the hat that will best suit your needs. Browse according to hat color or fabric type to go directly to your preferred selections. On the other hand, you can view all selections available if you don't have a specific kind of hat in mind yet.
  • Determine your hat preference and needs. Know what kind of hat will best fit your wardrobe and also your style. There are a lot of choices for you so you can be certain that there are one or more hats that will work best for your preferences. Check out also the hats that will cater to all of your needs. Consider hats that have the right size of brim for optimum sun protection. There is no more need to worry about durability as all Tilley hats are made to be of great quality.
  • Know your Tilley hat size. The website offers good information teaching you on how to find the right hat size for you. Follow the instructions provided in the website. In any case that you know already your correct hat size, pick a hat size that is slightly larger than your normal size. This is because a Tilley hat is meant to be worn a little loose on the head.
  • Check the details of the hat. Choose a Tilley hat that interests you the most from the list. This will provide you detailed information of the hat. You can view a descriptive summary of the hat to help you picture out your choice. You can also choose the hat's size and color at this point and eventually add it to your shopping cart.

A Tilley hat is always a great buddy in various activities such as traveling, hiking, fishing, gardening, and bird watching. You can never go wrong in choosing any of the collection of Tilley hats. However, make sure that you grab just the right one for your needs to take advantage of a Tilley hat at its optimum advantage.


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