How To Buy Anti-Aging Sunblock

Exposure to the sun is one of the main causes of skin damage. Because of this, skin care experts have recommended the use of sunblock to help prevent this problem. The most recent trend of sunblock introduced in the market contains anti-aging ingredients incorporated in its production process. The use of anti-aging sunblocks in your daily regimen serves as defense from the adverse effects caused by harmful UV rays of the sun. If you don’t want your skin to get damaged, you should go and buy one. Here are some helpful tips in buying the skin care product.

  1. As the name implies, anti-aging sunblocks are applied to skin to block the sun’s harmful UV rays. In turn, they reverse or at least slow down the aging process. On the contrary, some people are misled by another skin care product, the sunscreen. You must know the difference between these two skin care products to avoid confusion. Sunscreens are UV rays absorber, whereas sunblocks are blockers. It is also noteworthy that having the knowledge on how your skin can get damaged because of UV rays can also convince others to protect their own skin. Remember that too much exposure to the sun is a mere indication of having your skin damaged. However, this exposure is affected by the time frame, degree of exposure, and the type and color of your skin.
  2. Know your skin type. Determine if you have dry, oily, fair or sensitive skin. You can choose from a variety of anti-aging sunblocks with famous brands like Neutrogena Helioplex and Bullfrog Superblock. Check their labels if the product fits your choice. Remember not to choose the wrong type of anti-aging sunblock because it could irritate your skin.
  3. You should consider the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) number. The SPF number is noted in the packaging of your anti-aging sunblock. SPF number helps you determine how long you can be exposed to the sun’s UVB rays without burning. Dermatologists usually recommend an SPF number of at least 15. But if you have a fair skin and wanting to maintain it, buy anti-aging sunblocks that use an SPF of at least 30 or higher.
  4. Knowing the ingredients of an anti-aging sunblock can help you decide the skin care product to buy. Since no rating is developed by sunblock manufacturers on how the product can protect your skin from UVA rays, it is important to check on the ingredients that are proactive in the maintenance of your skin. Effective anti-aging sunblocks include zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, avobenzone, and oxybenzone as their active ingredients.
  5. Choosing an effective anti-aging sunblock is not the only thing you should apply to your skin to prevent skin damage. You must have a skin care routine that will help you maintain the beauty of your skin. Cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing your skin are three basic steps you can consider as your initial skin care routine. Once able to purchase an anti-aging sunblock, you can add the application of it as another step to your skin care routine.

To ensure the maintenance and safety of your skin care routine, consult a dermatologist. This way, you can ask for additional tips about having a young-looking fair skin.


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