How To Buy Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is pure vegetable fat that is completely edible and is a product of ground cacao beans. It is also known as theobroma oil and some call it theobroma cacao. The usual color of cocoa butter is pale yellow. This product has several beneficial uses in the manufacture of baked goods, in making chocolates, medicine, creams and lotions and other personal hygiene products. It is an antioxidant and contains plenty of moisturizing emollients that make cocoa butter an essential ingredient in moisturizing lotions and creams and is touted to be very good in preventing stretch marks caused by pregnancy and changes in body size. Find out how to buy cocoa butter with the tips below.

  • Determine what type of cocoa butter you are looking for. It should be based on where you will use the cocoa butter. You can buy them raw for use in soaps and lotions or you can look for a food-grade variety to be used on baked goods and chocolates.
  • If you are looking for processed cocoa butter in lotions, creams, moisturizers and soaps, there are many commercial products that you can buy in the supermarket, health food stores, beauty product counters and drugstores. Look for products that contain the most amount of cocoa butter. Look for other ingredients that go hand in hand with cocoa butter for additional anti-oxidizing and moisturizing effects like Vitamin E.
  • If you want raw cocoa butter there are different online stores where you can source out the material. Make sure that you compare prices per pound and the type of process the manufacturer used for the extraction of cocoa butter. Mountain Rose Herbs sells organic cocoa butter in different weights. The cocoa butter they sell come in pressed form or in wafers or round discs. Sunfood also sells raw organic cocoa butter in different packages and weights. Their cocoa butter comes in jars and one-pound to five-pound pouches. Organic Living Food sells several pack weights of organic cocoa butter broken into manageable pieces from Earth Family Food.
  • If you are going to make some homemade cosmetics with cocoa butter as your base look for the deodorized cocoa butter where the flavor and odor of the cocoa beans have been removed. It will be very pale yellow to almost white in color. If you are going to use the cocoa butter as food additive, you can use the non-deodorized butter which may contain cacao solids, flavor and smell. The non-deodorized variety on the other hand may have light brown streaks and may have either a chocolaty or smoky odor.
  • The cocoa butter is very stable and will keep for about five years and resist going rancid. It will melt when the temperature is on the extreme but this will not affect the taste of the product.
  • Check where the cocoa butter came from. The best ones come from major cocoa producing countries north or south of the equator such as West Africa, South and Central America and parts of Asia like India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Indonesia. Cacao trees grow best in areas where there is high humidity but constant moderate temperature.

Carefully check the online stores that sell cocoa butter. Look at reputable ones. The cost of a pound of cocoa butter is quite high and you have to get your money's worth when you make your purchase. Compare the rates given by the online stores and check the rates on shipping and handling and delivery times.


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