How To Buy Concealer

Concealers are a type of makeup that are used to literally conceal skin blemishes like pimples and dark spots. They do this by changing the color of the affected area into a tone that is closer to yours, therefore concealing it. Most are hypo-allergenic and some in the market are even selling products that reduce oil in the face, making the pimple or dark spot return to its natural state faster. Buying concealers, however may be trickier than it looks. Like other forms of makeup, there are many variables that may affect the effectiveness of concealers. This guide will help you in choosing the right concealer.

Buy light. There is a ready belief that when buying concealer, buy one that is lighter than your skin tone. Since pimples and spots are darker than your normal skin color, the lighter shade will neutralize the darker area, hiding the imperfection.

Contrasting colors. Another belief is that instead of buying a concealer that is lighter than your skin tone, buy a concealer that is of the contrasting color. The belief states that regardless of your skin tone, a yellow concealer will better hide dark spots in your skin. For red pimples, buy green tinted concealer as the complimentary colors will counteract each other.

Types. There are many types of concealers and even many more shades that can suit your needs. Concealers come in three general types. The first is the liquid concealer that is applied with a wand. This type of concealer is good for pinpointing exact blemishes, making sure that you only hide the spot or pimple. This is used for the contrasting colors, like using green concealers to hide your red pimple. Another type is the stick, this is a solid concealer normally used for hiding under eye spots among others. It is normally packaged looking like a lipstick. The last type is the cream concealer. This type of concealer is packaged in a jar and is normally applied through special makeup brushes or simply with your fingertips.

Foundation. Although concealers and foundations normally go hand-in-hand in makeup, it does not have to be mutually inclusive. Using concealer alone or foundation alone is helpful although the aesthetic differences in having both shines due to the fact that they are both for the same purpose of making the skin tone even. Since concealers come in limited tones and the human skin has varied tones, applying both concealer and foundation can give your face a uniform skin color.

In the interest of makeup, there are a lot of brands with large advertisements that can sway you from one product to another. Although expensive, it is best to try out different styles and types of concealers so that you know what a good brand and type is for you. Color combination may be tricky at first and it is undoubtedly very complicated. Remember too that in the summer, your skin darkens somewhat and you may have to buy a different, possibly darker-, concealer for those months. Since the skin varies from person to person, applying concealer heavily or lightly is important as well. Experiment on several types before finding a brand that is for you.


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