How To Buy Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

Cruelty-free cosmetics are animal-free products that are being introduced in the market today.  Some companies are encouraging consumers to buy products with no animal ingredients. Many animal advocates are trying their best to at least lessen and eventually eliminate the use of animals for their testing and research.  Other companies used unknown quantity of animals like rabbits, mice and rats to test the safety of their products. Consumers will benefit the tests, but we should also be sensitive enough to the pain the animals undergo whenever they are exposed to certain chemicals. If you want to protect yourself, animals have also the right to protect their lives.
Here are some steps on buying your cruelty-free cosmetics.

  • Check if the product has cruelty-free labels on it. To be sure that it is not only on the packaging, check or inquire on the company’s website.  Ask if the company has not used any animals for testing on their research or even on their manufacturing process. Other companies do not use animal for testing their new formulations but they overlook the fact that they are using animal in the process of producing new products. Check the companies that give information on their manufacturing process, the product they produce as well as the by-products they are using.
  • Look for cosmetics lines and cosmetics companies that practice the policy of ‘no animal testing’ to their products.  Usually cosmetics companies use animals to check the safety of their product components. Many animal advocates have a list of companies that practice new policies on product testing. You can check on the web which product or company you want to patronize.
  • Switch to cosmetics with no animal ingredients. Always look at the ingredients if they contain animal by-products like honey, lanolin or whey.  Look for other alternative components like pure mineral ingredients. Sometimes product labels can be misleading and you have to carefully check every ingredient in the product.  You can do research if you are not sure with the term they use in the product.
  • You should be very cautious on buying cosmetics product as it can also harm you. You have to try first a small amount to your skin before you buy and use new product in the market. Some chemicals can be very harmful even if it is properly tested because every individual may have different reaction to various chemicals. You should always follow carefully the directions on the packing to ensure that you are using it properly.

Cosmetics companies should take pride in specializing in products that are safe not only for human consumption but also for the welfare of animals. Companies should be sensitive enough to the sufferings of animals they are using for the safety and improvements of their products.  Animal lives are being compromised in favor of human safety. These animals can be blinded, poisoned and killed every time these companies formulate new products. They should be educated enough, adopt new guidelines and look for alternatives for testing techniques that will not used animals. Many organizations today are eager to eliminate this old practice. They encourage people to support their cause and to have a law that would protect and stop the cruelty for animal.


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