How To Buy Cruelty-Free Makeup

It is a widely known fact that most cosmetics companies still use ingredients with animal derivatives and continue to employ cruel methods of testing on animals. Finding cosmetics companies that genuinely support policies of employing testing methods for make-up that is completely cruelty-free can be rather tricky. It is made even more difficult with sneaky companies churning out misleading claims to get people to purchase their products. But despite this, it will be easier to boycott companies that still continue to use animal derivatives and brutally test their products on animals by reading up and learning more about the subject. Doing so will enable you to distinguish which companies use all natural ingredients and promote products that are cruelty-free.

There are a ton of cruelty-free makeup products available in natural foods stores as well as in online shops that can provide you with natural products with just a click of a button. Here are a few examples of websites that you can visit:

  1. Afterglow Cosmetics – This website offers cosmetic products that are guaranteed to have never been tested on animals and do not use any kind of ingredient that is derived from animals. This information has been proven and confirmed by the CCIC or the Coalition for Consumer Information. The majority of their products are vegan cosmetics and are guaranteed to not only be safe for animals but for humans as well. Afterglow Cosmetics is among  those companies that have been rated as the safest cosmetics on the market.
  2. – This website provides a list of companies that offer all natural cosmetics. Aside from providing a wide array of companies and websites that sell natural and organic cosmetics, this website also offers helpful information on toxic chemical ingredients, in addition to informative articles and campaigns for safe and organic cosmetics.
  3. Branded J Collections – This is a cosmetics company that prides itself in the production of safe and organic cosmetics that are guaranteed to be cruelty-free. Branded J Collections provides a wide selection of cosmetics that have not been tested on animals and are good for your skin. Other products such as makeup brushes do not use animal hairs, and the company’s makeup bags and kits do not use animals in the production.
  4. – This is a website that offers a cruelty free shopping guide, as well as helpful information on what companies genuinely support non-animal testing methods of products and  what companies to boycott. It also provides a guide on how to spot a company that employs cruel testing methods on animals.

These websites provide you with helpful information and allow you to purchase products from companies that support non-animal testing. Make sure that you always check the labels first before you buy anything and to frequently stop by natural foods stores for cruelty-free products. It is also essential that you stock up on helpful information and be constantly aware because purchasing cruelty-free makeup will not only be beneficiary to you but to thousands of animals as well.


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