How To Buy Custom-Tailored Clothes in Asia

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Asia is a good place to go on vacation. The white sand beaches, the exotic cuisines and the colorful culture will amaze you, and the people’s hospitality is engaging. But aside from the usual tourist attractions and activities, one of the good finds in Asia is cheap and efficient tailoring that can produce stylish, custom-tailored clothes at little expense. Specific countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea have tailors and seamstresses that are capable of copying designer clothes, and creating unique designs in just a few days. Aside from clothes, there are also shoe and bag makers who are able to replicate those hundred dollar bags for a lot less.

The advantage of having your clothes tailor made is that they fit you just right. This is a concern for people who cannot find the right size in clothing stores in the mall.

If you are going to an Asian country, whether for vacation or business, make sure you drop by a tailoring shop and check out whether you like the way they tailor clothes. Ask for recommendations from the locals in the area, and they will point you to the best tailor in town. They may ask you whether you are looking for a cheap tailoring or a high end one, and they can give you the options. These tailoring shops usually have samples of their suits, pants and dress shirts. Tailors not only specialize in male clothing, but are also capable of sewing women’s dresses. You can choose from their designs or bring your own set of clothing from which the design will be patterned. You can also sketch a design, or cut out a photo from a magazine and explain the clothing design that you want. You can bring your own cloth, beads and buttons, or have the tailor provide you with everything that is needed. If you have a specific design in mind, complete with the color of the cloth, embroidery details and buttons, then it is best that you provide these. The charge for sewing varies, depending on the design and the pieces of clothing you will be ordering.

There are some tailoring shops that specialize on one kind of clothing only. There are some that focus on office and corporate attires, business suits and coats. These shops usually accept bulk orders from companies for their office uniforms. These tailoring shops also accept single orders, but you will have to check whether they will be prioritizing your order or not. Also make sure that you check their samples, because mass production can also lead to lower quality tailor work.

There are also tailoring shops that specialize in clothes for special occasions such as tuxedos, evening gowns and wedding gowns. If you are on vacation and you are suddenly invited to a formal dinner, and you have not packed clothes for such occasion, you can go to a tailoring shop and your tux or dress will be ready in a few days.

When having your clothes tailored, discuss your design thoroughly with the tailor. Then also get a copy of your measurements so in case they lose that piece of paper, you can just send them a copy if you cannot come back to the shop at once. Also exchange contact numbers so you can contact them prior to picking up your clothes.


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