How To Buy Formal Cuff Links

There is a certain way by which men can look extra elegant when wearing formal attire. A stylish necktie and a crisp bowtie do accentuate their tuxedos and nicely tailored suits. And yet there is something else that adds dazzle and class to men’s whole persona on formal occasions, and these are formal cuff links.

Cuff links have double purposes. They fasten the loose ends of men’s shirt cuffs as well as serve as decorative accents for a more chic and debonair style. Men commonly wear cuff links to formal events only. The kind of cuff links that a man wears may reveal a lot about his personality, hence buying these accessories requires some degree of skill and ability. Read the following tips to guide you if you plan to buy formal cuff links:

  1. Consider the occasion where you will wear the cuff links. If you are going to wear the formal cuff links for a day event, choose ones with less glitter and shine. You may select a pair of silver or gold cuff links to match your other accessories such as wristwatch or wedding ring.
  2. Coordinate the cuff links with the style and color of your shirt. Cuff links with small dots of color that match your shirt will look gorgeous. Bring your shirt along when you go out to shop for cuff links to make sure you will not go wrong with your choice.
  3. Make a trip to local jewelry stores and browse on their cuff link selections. You may also look online if you want to see more samples. However if it is your first time to buy these items, it will be more exciting to do your shopping in jewelry stores, as the actual feel and look of the cuff links will help you to better appreciate your purchase.
  4. Pick a pair that will go with the theme of the party or occasion you are attending. Varied selections of cuff links include designs that bear logos and symbols. Some jewelry stores accept made to order purchases in which you can specify the exact emblem that you desire for your cuff links.
  5. Try the cuff links with the shirt on which you will wear them. Stores provide dressing rooms for this purpose.
  6. Formal cuff links are usually encrusted with gemstones. The gemstones, of course, come with extra price as they add more value to the jewelry. If you have extra cash to spare, cuff links with gemstones will make a valuable addition to your jewelry collection.
  7. You may do away with the traditional styles by selecting cuff links with unique designs. Unique cuff links easily stand out and attract attention as you hold your wine glass or make hand gestures while mingling with the crowd in a gathering.
  8. Choosing classic designs is also a good idea. Cuff links with classic designs will match all kinds of shirts, hence you don’t have to worry anymore about coordinating your jewelry with your clothes and other accessories. 

In buying formal cuff links, quality of the items is very important. Finely crafted cuff links may be more expensive, but they are guaranteed to retain their shine longer. Durability is also one factor that you should consider. Cheaply priced items usually lose their luster after several uses.


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