How To Buy Pants That Flatter Your Body Type

Whether you need it for work, or you just want to be fashionable, you need at least one good pair of pants that will flatter you. You can look hot or not, depending on the pair of pants you wear. Check out these tips on how to pick the perfect pair designed for your body type.

  • Find a pair that fits you.  At home, it is recommended that you measure your waistline, upper and lower hips, inseam size, and length of your legs. This helps you save time on searching for pairs to try on. If they don’t fit, then find a different size, or skip it.
  • If your legs are short, don’t wear capri pants or half pants. They make you look wider and even shorter. Rather wear straight cut or semi-flared pants.
  • If you have long legs, make the most of your height. Although you can rock almost any kind of style, try to keep the hems just a half-inch above the ground for best results. When purchasing pants, check the hems if there’s still allowance, just in case you need to make them longer in the future.
  • Pay attention to your torso. If you have a long torso, wear high-waisted pants; try to find pants with waistbands. If you have a short torso, wear low-waisted pants; try to find pants without waistbands.
  • If you are pear or spoon-shaped, wear hip huggers.  Your mission is to create a long line from hip to toe. Never wear skinny jeans or tapered pants. It will only make your behind and your hips look heavier. Flared pants also make you look wider. If you find a pair that fits perfectly except for the waistline, have it repaired by a tailor. It’s still much cheaper than paying for a custom-fitted pair. Don’t choose pants with bleached or faded portions on the rump or on the thighs. Dark-colored pants are suggested.
  • If you have a boyish figure, wear pants with bulging pockets at the back.  This will add volume to your rear. Wear pants with side pockets to make your hips appear wider. Bulging side pockets are even better. Textured and heavier materials such as corduroy, tweed, and velvet add volume. You can also pick slightly low-rise pants. Colorful designs on the back pockets also help draw attention to your back. Your challenge when sporting a boyish figure is to create curves.
  • If you have an hour glass figure, make your legs look lean and long. Slightly flared pants or wide straight-legged pants will look lovely on you. Cropped pants that are hemmed on mid-calf are also good, as long as the pair of boots you’re wearing has the same color as the pair of pants. If not, at least their colors should be of the same shade. Skinny jeans are not advisable. They make you look pear-shaped. Wide-leg or flare styles can make you look shorter and wider.
  • If you are apple-shaped, make your waistline look smaller.  Mid-waist pants that have wider legs hide the extra weight around your mid-section and smooth out the appearance of bulges and love handles. Low-rise pants are forbidden! Wear them, and you’re committing fashion suicide. Matte, dark and solid colored pants, however, are your best friend.

Not all designer clothes have the perfect fit. Some designers design artistic clothes that won’t fit you at all. Some other designers design pairs of pants that do fit you perfectly. A size 10, for example, of one designer would not be the same as the size 10 of another designer. However, don’t limit yourself to a particular brand or a specific size. Be open in trying out other designs and sizes.


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