How To Buy Suntanning Lotion for Darker Complexions

Much has been said about the benefits of dark complexions when it comes to escaping the perils of sun damage. While research has shown that those with dark or olive complexions may have reduced risks of getting skin cancer due to sun exposure, having sunburn is still no walk in the park. Sure, it may not be as fast compared to people with fair skin but if you spend enough time under the sun, your skin will eventually burn and it won’t be laughing matter when that happens.

The recommended steps for getting sunscreen or suntanning lotions for people with dark skin are pretty much similar for those other people with lighter skin tones. Here is what you have to do:

Know about sun protection factor (SPF). If a lotion has an SPF of 15, it means that skin protected by the product would take 15 times longer to burn compared to skin that has not been treated with the product. Most doctors would recommend using a sunscreen of at least 15 for everyday use and 30 if you’re going to do some outdoor activities.

Know your brands. There are brands such as Nivea that have come out with lines specifically meant for people with darker skin tone and olive hues. These products were proven to work better in protecting darker skin.

If you’re going to be in the water for swimming, get a sunscreen that is water resistant or water proof. This would be very handy since the water can easily wash and rinse out other conventional types of lotions making reapplying the product very tedious and wasteful. Most water proof lotions would give you protection for up to two hours so it can be quite an efficient choice at the end of the day.

Pick a type of lotion that is most convenient to use for you. Most products come in a lotion form but there are also spray ons and gel variations that can be quite intriguing for the first time user. These preparations don’t really affect the usefulness and the effectiveness of the product. They were just made so consumers could choose the one type that could be best for their purposes. Those who are always on the run may prefer the compact spray on bottle while those on the beach may like the lotion version more.

Try out the products on the shelf if there’s a tester available. The packaging may say it’s hypo allergenic but it’s to check first if the product is mild enough for your skin. If you don’t develop a rash or an itchy sensation a few minutes after applying it onto your hand, you can probably use the product safely.

Even if you have dark skin, the sun can still be pretty brutal. Arm yourself with the right type of suntanning lotion and you will be keeping that rocking skin tone for many more years to come.


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