How to Buy Thermal Underwear

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If your work keeps you out of doors during cold winter weather or you are planning a camping or hunting trip that will involve frigid temperatures or overnight stays, consider investing in some quality thermal underwear as a must-have part of your wardrobe.

Thermal underwear is created from thin two-ply waffle weave fabric which provides the wearer with some specific benefits, especially during winter weather or chilly, damp weather. Because it's made of two-ply material, it adds two more layers of clothing to a person's wardrobe, trapping more body heat than if the wearer was simply wearing one layer of clothing. This trapped body heat wards off cold air and prevents the body from losing heat.

Thermal underwear is designed to breathe, so air reaches the skin and body odor doesn't accumulate. There is also what's called the "wicking action", the ability of thermal underwear to draw moisture away from the skin so the wearer feels dry and warm rather than damp, wet or sticky.

Policemen, firemen, and those in similar professions cannot add layers and layers of clothing if the layers would restrict their movements, so thermal underwear allows them to remain flexible and extremely warm at the same time.  For prolonged exposure to cold temperatures, woolen thermal underwear is the best choice. Athletes who compete and work out in cold weather conditions are also fans of thermal underwear; in fact, the demands of the sports industry has driven the most recent technological advances made in thermal underwear design and material since the 1990s.

When purchasing thermal underwear, check the thickness of the waffle weave material.  Buy a heavier weight material if you are planning to spend extended periods in very cold temperatures. Check the type of material used in creating the thermal underwear.  Technological advances allow the consumer a variety of choices today, ranging from polypro made from recycled plastics to merino wool - which is natural, able to stay warm even when wet, and odorless even after weeks of wearing - and synthetic blends containing wool, cotton or silk which are quick to dry and long lasting.

Most thermal underwear styles include two pieces, an undershirt with long sleeves and a long legged skintight bottom. You can choose to wear both pieces or wear one piece or the other depending upon the weather conditions. If you tend to work or play in extremely cold temperatures, wearing thermal underwear not only makes you more comfortable, it may also save your life by preventing hypothermia.


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