How to Buy Vintage Stockings and Underwear Online

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Vintage clothing has a lot of old world charm that is unsurpassed by today’s modern creations. They impart a totally feminine look and glamour. In this era of power dressing, androgynous casuals and on-the-go clothes, wearing vintage clothing is something that can be alluring, seductive and intriguing. Watching re-runs of favorite movie classics can make one yearn to experience such charm or maybe develop a curiosity on what it is like to don such items. Vintage clothing are those that come from the 1900s to the 1970s.

For the mature ones, these were part of their youth. For the new generation, they most probably see these vintage garments in old photographs and boxes of old clothes that have taken residence in their attics for decades and of course, in old movies.

Still, in this day and age, there are specialty shops that are selling vintage stockings and underwear. Underwear and stockings may have gone through evolution but their basic construction remains the same.

To experience such femininity, you can try using some slips. Women have used slips since the Edwardian era. Look for those slips made by these manufacturers:

  • Vanity Fair
  • Van Raalte
  • Aristocrat
  • Fischer
  • Barbizon

1.    Make sure that you know your size before making an online purchase. A 36-inch bust size or a 28-inch waist size is usually the same as the current prevailing sizes, but for larger women, ask for the sizes for bust, waist, hips as well as the length of the slip.

2.    Ensure that the condition of the vintage underwear is good. Check with the dealer if there were alterations that had been done on the slips, and that the fabric is still supple and soft.

3.    Inquire also if the fabric has mildew stains, other stains, tears, holes, signs of discoloration and fading and if the slip has a musty odor. All these will affect the price of the slip. Reputable vintage clothing merchants will provide these.

4.    Check the price. A simple slip may just sell for 10 dollars. Vanity Fair slips with fancy trim may be sold from fifty dollars or more. Some of Van Raalte slips with lace and pleats may fetch up to two hundred dollars.

Stockings are more delicate and in all likelihood will not stand the test of time. The best you can do if you want vintage stockings is to look for online shops that sell reproductions.  Vintage stockings are made to be worn with a garter belt or a suspender belt. These sheer stockings end up just above the middle of your thighs. These are made of nylon and pre-shaped (fully-fashioned is the correct term) to conform to the general shape of the leg, with reinforced toes and heels.

Vintage stockings are those made during the 1940s up to the 1960s from non-stretch nylon fiber. They are sold by the leg length and the foot size. Some of the brands that you can look for are:

  • Berkshire
  • Hanes
  • Schiaparelli
  • Christian Dior
  • Alberts
  • Van Raalte
  • Triumph

You have to get the vintage stockings in your right foot size and leg length. These stockings are not stretchy and therefore will tend to wrinkle if they do not fit exactly right. You also should get a garter belt with many straps so that the stockings do not sag on the sides.


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