How To Camouflage a Tattoo

Tattoos are a great way of expressing oneself. However, there may be more than one occasion where sporting a tattoo for all to see may not be the best idea, as when you are applying for an executive position for a reputable company or meeting your conservative future in-laws. Have you ever found yourself in any of these situations or do you simply think the tattoo you have now is a big or ugly mistake? Then learn how to camouflage a tattoo with these tips:

  1. Go to the tattoo parlor where you got the tattoo and find the artist who made the tattoo on you.  Being the one who made the tattoo, he would be in a good, if not the best position to camouflage the tattoo either by injecting skin-toned ink into the tattoo or super-imposing another tattoo.
  2. Consider laser or cosmetic surgery options. The latest scientific advances today can allow you to practically remove or camouflage a tattoo painlessly—at a cost.  But if you can afford it, go for it. It is your best option yet.
  3. Not keen on going back to the tattoo parlor? Can’t afford laser or cosmetic surgery? Consider the size and location of the tattoo. Then adjust your wardrobe or hairstyle whenever possible to hide the tattoo. Wearing your hair down for instance can conceal a tattoo on your nape or back; opaque stockings can hide an ankle or leg tattoo.
  4. Put concealing tape on the tattoo.  Make sure the tattooed area is clean. Cut strips of the tape and apply it on the area you want covered. Very easy right?
  5. Apply concealing or camouflage makeup to cover the scar. Concealing make-up, you can purchase in your beauty stores.  Waterproof concealing creams are a popular choice. However, camouflage make-up might be a better alternative because it is opaque and provides better coverage than regular make-up.
  6. Pick the make-up in two shades—a light shade to conceal the dark pigments in the tattoo, and another shade in your skin tone. Choose thick concealing creams which have a heavy and opaque coverage. Test the product on a small portion of your skin to check for any allergic reactions and to test the opacity and coverage of the concealing cream.
  7. Cleanse the tattooed area. Pat dry.
  8. Go to a well-lighted room.  A room with natural lighting is the best so you can see the colors clearly. Apply the lightest shade of the concealing cream onto the tattoo using a concealer brush, cotton swab, make-up sponge or your finger tips.  Make sure that only the tattoo is covered entirely by the light shade.  After the first coat of concealing cream has dried, apply the shade your skin tone. Follow the same manner in step 9 except that this time, you have to apply the second coat outside the tattoo edges. Blend the outer edges of the tattoo accordingly.
  9. Apply loose or pressed powder to set the make-up. Use a cotton swab, powder puff or blush brush to do the job.

Depending on the size and location of the tattoo, how to camouflage a tattoo may be easy or a bit tricky. But if you follow the tips you find here, you just might find that it is an easy job after all.


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