How To Care for a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets have been the hip go-to jackets for many, many years.  It is one of those clothing items that have stood the test of time.  A leather jacket can be very expensive so it is to your advantage to take care of yours well. 

  • Read the care instructions that came with your leather jacket.  You can find this inside the jacket.  If there is none, visit the manufacturer's site or search for care instructions on the Internet.  Make sure to follow these instructions.
  • Find out which water and stain protector is highly recommended by the manufacturer.  The water and stain protector is used to prevent stains and water spots from appearing on your jacket.  Apply this to your leather jacket following product instructions.  Before donning you jacket, spray it with an odorless and colorless protective spray.  A product without wax or oil is usually best for leather jackets.  Waxes and oils have a tendency to clog leather.
  • Use a wide hanger when hanging your jacket.  The hanger should preferably be padded to maintain the shape of the leather jacket.  By hanging your jacket properly, you will notice that less wrinkles form.  Never hang your leather jacket on a hook at the back of the door or use pants hangers (with metal or plastic clips).
  • Store your leather jacket inside a garment bag.  The garment bag should be breathable.  Do not leave your leather jacket in the dry cleaning bag, which is made of non-breathable plastic.
  • Air dry your leather jacket should it get wet. Moisture and mildew can damage your leather jacket.  Never use a blow dryer to dry the jacket.  Keep the leather jacket away from heat vents and other sources of heat.  This could damage your leather jacket as well.
  • Find out from the manufacturer what type of conditioner to use for your jacket.  At some point, you may notice that your jacket has cracks or looks very dry.  A conditioner should be able to solve this problem.  A quality conditioner can keep your leather jacket flexible and looking fine.
  • Use a damp sponge to remove stains and salt deposits from the leather jacket.  This should be done ASAP then let the jacket dry in open air.
  • Remove spills with a soft brush.  Follow this up with a sponge dipped in warm water and mild soap.  Dry the jacket immediately.
  • Bring the leather jacket to a professional for cleaning.  You will need to have your leather jacket cleaned by a leather cleaning specialist at least once annually.  If you use your leather jacket often, you may have to have it professionally cleaned more than once a year.  Some professional cleaners can also fix any sewing issues. As soon as you get the leather jacket back, place it in a breathable garment bag after removing it from the plastic bag.

Reminder:  Only use manufacturer approved cleaning, conditioning and weather protecting products on your leather jacket to avoid damage to the jacket.

Your leather jacket is supposed to last you a long time. With the hefty price tag, you would probably want to wear your leather jacket for many, many years.  This can only happen if you properly care for your leather jacket.  Follow manufacturer's instructions as well as the tips above in caring for your leather jacket.  This way, it can continue to protect you from the elements and keep you looking cool and fashionable for many fashion seasons.


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