How To Care for a Scarf

A scarf can be a great fashion accessory because it can spruce up an otherwise plain outfit into a signature look with minimal effort. It is also a very versatile accessory, you may use to it wrap around your neck, use it to cover your hair or head or even tie it around your hand. Since it’s just a piece of fabric, you can literally do lots of permutations and combinations. They come in different colors so you will definitely have a scarf for just about any look and any outfit that you want to rock.

Just like any article of clothing, a scarf needs to be taken care of really well. Here’s how you take care of a scarf:

  1. Read the labels on the scarf. The labels would have the information on how the scarf is to be handled in terms of washing and ironing. Washing instructions may range from whether or not the scarf can be machine washed or if it needs to be dry cleaned. There are also some scarves that must be washed with warm water or those that would have to be hand washed. The strength and type of detergents needed would also be stated in this tag. The ironing settings are also printed on these labels so that you would know at which temperature the scarf would start burning. Read these labels very carefully so you wouldn’t ruin the scarf.
  2. Do not tie the scarves too tightly. Knotting them can make the threads become loose in the weave and this can definitely warp the entire shape and dimension of the scarf. You are definitely better off trying to do more creative ways of closing the scarf like with a brooch or with other forms of locking mechanisms.
  3. Keep scarves neatly stowed in a drawer or in a rock. Do not store them in a knotted position so that the shape will be retained. Have them folded flat or precariously hanging from a stand to make sure that they’ll be ready for use. Make sure that your keeping play is free from moths, mildew or fungus. These could definitely destroy your scarves!
  4. Prevent scarves from getting smudged by staining materials such as blood, oil, grease and grass stains. These can be very hard to remove and the act of trying to lift them out of the fabric can prove to be quite challenging and damaging to the fabric.
  5. Rotate the use of your scarves so that not one scarf ends up getting overused. This also allows you to really change up your look. It wouldn’t be nice to be seen only using one scarf every single day, right?

Taking care of scarves is quite easy to do really. Just follow these steps and you can be sure that you will be wearing your scarves for more days. It’s all about maximizing them and prolonging their functional life.


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