How To Care for Eyeliner Pencils and Brushes

Eyeliner pencils and brushes are important cosmetic items. However, it is so easy to neglect them. Sometimes they are left lying around the room, rolling off the dresser, and accumulating dust and dirt. But if eyeliner pencils and brushes are not properly cared for, you will likely have to buy new ones or will compromise your own health. Remember that eyeliner pencils and brushes always come into contact with your face, and you might not want to imagine how these seemingly safe items can impose invisible threats on your face. If you want to keep your eyeliner pencils and brushes clean and safe, follow these simple tips.

  1. Sharpen your eyeliner pencils properly. The problem with dull eyeliner is that not only is it difficult to use, its ragged edges also hurt the skin during application. Therefore, make sure that your eyeliners are always well-sharpened. To help you achieve a fine point, refrigerate your eyeliner pencils for at least five minutes before sharpening. This will stiffen up the lead and make sharpening a lot easier. Just a note: Always make sure the sharpener is appropriate to the size of the eyeliner pencils. Otherwise, you may not get the desired sharp point.
  2. Make sure the eyeliner pencils and brushes are clean. One way of ensuring a clean eyeliner pencil is by using a clean sharpener. The sharpener must be wiped with a cloth or cotton ball doused in alcohol. Clean all the parts, especially the sharpening hole. Remove the residual lead and the stuck fragments of shavings. The eyeliner pencils, on the other hand, must be always capped. Be very careful with the caps since they are quite fragile and are easily misplaced. The brushes, meanwhile, should be occasionally washed with warm water and mild soap. Dry them completely before using. If your brushes come with caps, immediately put them back on after use. Other brushes have bags, which should keep the brushes safe and secure.
  3. Keep them in a clean cosmetic bag. Clean eyeliner pencils and brushes should be kept in an equally clean cosmetic bag. Your cosmetic bag might easily get dirty from all the stains of eyeliners, lipsticks, eye shadows, and other cosmetic items. Before long, dirt and bacteria will come and linger in your bag and may affect the condition of your cosmetic items, including your eyeliner pencils and brushes. When your bag gets dirty, therefore, immediately wash it and dry. Never use it in its shabby state.
  4. Choose the people to whom you will lend your eyeliner pencils and brushes. When you are doing your make-up with a group, sharing your cosmetic items is inevitable. There is no problem with sharing your eyeliner pencils and brushes in and of itself. The problem only occurs when you share them with people who are not as mindful of your cosmetic items as you are. Should you need to lend your eyeliner pencils and brushes, remind the borrower to be extra careful. If she is your friend, she will understand.

Never take your eyeliner pencils and brushes for granted. If you properly care for them, they will serve you well. Eyeliner pencils and brushes can last for a few years, but replace them immediately if and when necessary.


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