How To Care for Legs with Natural Home Treatments

Women especially will spend thousands on skin treatment products to keep skin young and beautiful all through their lifetimes. While most products are concentrated on the face and arms, the legs need special attention too. Beautiful legs are very appealing, and summer is the time to expose those great looking legs. There are several ways to care for your legs and keep them looking great without spending a huge amount, all with natural home remedies. Read on.

  1. Take regular walks and ride a bicycle and go swimming to exercise your legs and keep them shapely and conditioned.
  2. Tone your skinny legs with this simple exercise. Keep your feet about 12 inches apart and parallel to each other. Hold on to the back of a chair or a wall to keep you steady. Keep your back straight as you rise on your toes while breathing in. Try to hold the position for at least 15 seconds before you slowly breathe out as you lower your heels down the floor. Do 30 repetitions for each set. You can do this exercise several times a day. Once you can hold yourself steady, try placing your hands on your hips.
  3. If you have to shave your legs, use a cream hair remover. Lather your legs well before you use a shaving tool so you can have a smoother shave. Moisturize your legs generously after hair removal or shaving. Do not use a shaving tool on dry legs.
  4. To maintain smooth legs and remove ingrown hair and dry skin, apply a paste of baking soda and warm water. Apply and massage the paste on your legs once a week for maintenance.
  5. Use almond oil as leg moisturizer and apply it after a bath. Almond oil can help relieve pain and reduce swelling. It is also beneficial in prevention and reduction of varicose veins when used daily. Apply it at night so your legs can get the full benefits from the almond oil.
  6. Maintain good blood circulation on your legs to keep the leg muscles healthy and relaxed. Use a pillow under your lower legs (from the knees to the ankles) when you sleep to elevate them.
  7. Apple cider vinegar can help reduce and remove unsightly varicose veins. Soak strips of cloth in apple cider vinegar and wrap them around the varicose veins. Lie on your bed or on the floor and prop your feet up against the wall for about an hour. Follow this with a warm bath. Results can be seen within a month.
  8. Eat a whole cucumber daily to help reduce swelling on ankles and calves caused by too much standing and walking.
  9. Make your leg skin taut and smooth with the application of a leg pack. Mix one gram of flour with one whole egg and apply over your legs. Let it dry before you take a warm bath. Apply moisturizer afterwards. Another good recipe to try is a paste made from crushed pineapple and papaya and the juice of one potato. Make enough to cover both your legs. Let it stay for at least 15 minutes before washing it off in warm water. Your legs will feel smooth, taut and wrinkle free. Use several times a week to achieve a permanent result.

There are natural leg care treatments that you can do at home without spending too much and they are still guaranteed to bring good if not better results. Keep your overall health in good condition with regular exercise and the proper diet.


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