How To Care for Mature Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks (dreads, locks) have been associated with reggae music and heavy metal bands for several years. Nowadays we see young men and women, kids and fashion models sporting this hairstyle in different lengths, colors and variations. Dreadlocks grow in stages, and it will take from six months to a year for dreadlocks to mature.

Here are some care tips to care for your mature dreads.

  1. Dirt, grime and natural oils can build up and prevent your locks from growing nicely. You can wash or rinse your hair everyday without fear that your mature dreads will unravel.
  2. Buy a right type of shampoo for your dreads. Shampoo for dreads can be a bar shampoo, liquid shampoo or dry/aerosol shampoo. Select the one that you are most comfortable in using.  Choose an organic and fragrance-free shampoo that will not leave soap residue.  Treat each lock as a hair strand and shampoo your hair in sections. Rinse with plenty of water until the water becomes clear. Squeeze out most of the water from your hair and dab with a towel to take most of the moisture out. Apply an organic conditioner if desired and rinse thoroughly. If you want to have some fragrance in your shampoo or conditioner, use essential oils and add a few drops to your hair cleaning products.
  3. A chamois cloth or a lint-free cloth will help you to remove most of the moisture from your dreads and help it to dry faster.
  4. Use a dreadlock wax that is rich in vitamins and nutrients for the hair and shy away from those that are petroleum based. Wax is used to hold your locks together and keep stray hair and new hair growth tame. Use only a very small amount of the wax to avoid greasy locks. Start applying the wax from the roots of your hair and work it in. Continue adding small amounts of wax until you reach the end of your hair. Melt the wax into your dreads with a hair dryer.
  5. Apply wax only to dreads that are thoroughly dry. Wax applied to damp or moist hair will seal in the moisture and allow mold to grow. This will lead to smelly hair.
  6. Use wax alternately. Go for a month with wax on your dreads and the next month without. Triple wash and rinse your hair to get rid of all the wax and allow your hair to dry naturally. You can use this period to roll new growth near the root in a clockwise motion. Continue rolling until you have formed knots at the root.
  7. Palmroll the ends of your dreads. Just grab the ends between your palms and roll the hair back and forth like you are shaping a bit of clay until you have a nice tangle. You can add a bit of wax to prevent the hair from untangling.
  8. Go to a professional loctician to have your mature locks services. You may need to have the ends trimmed, rolled and crocheted to keep it from untangling. You can also ask the loctician to teach you how to palmroll the ends or crochet it in so you can do it yourself.

Dreadlocks can look good and healthy if you give it special care and attention. Going to the salon for a professional maintenance can cost a lot. Doing it yourself though requires more effort but can be worth it because you can be assured that you are using the right product to care for your locks at the fraction of the cost of going to a salon.


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