How To Care for Your Denim

Denim jeans have become a must-have in everybody’s wardrobe, and once you find that perfect pair that makes you look and feel great, you’ll want it to stay that way for as long as possible. Because of denim’s hardy and versatile nature, most people don’t take extra care of even their favorite jeans, and end up surprised when they come back faded and threadbare. Here are some tips you can use to take care of not just your jeans, but also all your denim clothes.

  1. Wash sparingly. Denim is a rugged fabric that does not need to undergo regular washing. Doing so will only wear out the color and shape of your denims. It is best to go as long as possible in between washings to spare your jeans the abuse of harsh detergents and the friction of rubbing. You can let months pass between launderings, but around four or five uses may be sufficient spacing. Airing out your denims is usually enough to keep them fresh-smelling.
  2. Wash gently. It is best to keep your denims separate from other items in your laundry. Before washing, turn your denims inside out. This protects the fabric from unnecessary friction, and keeps the shape by preventing your clothes from expanding too much. Turning them inside out also makes sure that even if the dye fades, it does so in an even manner. Use the gentlest possible cycle (hand washing is ideal, but may entail too much effort) and use only lukewarm to cold water to preserve the color of your denims. Rough cycles and hot water cause the colors to run, and you want to avoid that. Liquid detergents are preferable to powder detergents – the latter have a tendency to roughly abrade the surface of denim, giving it a worn-out, threadbare appearance.
  3. Air dry, not tumble-dry. Machine drying your jeans causes more damage to the fabric. If possible, air dry your denim clothing. Make sure you hang your clothing without causing folds or creases – these will be quite noticeable once your denims dry. You can hang your jeans by the belt hooks, or use an ordinary hanger for your jackets. Ironing is not even necessary. If the denims are dried properly, they will eventually fit your shape and smooth out the wrinkles and creases. If you absolutely have to iron your denims, use the lowest heat possible.
  4. Repair all damage ASAP. If you notice small holes or rips in your denims, repair them promptly. Pay extra attention to hems, because these are the spots most prone to damage. Neglected spots of damage will inevitably enlarge and ruin your clothes, so nip them in a bud.

Denims are a rugged fabric which require a delicate touch to maintain their appearance. Remember not to wash them, but to wear your denims as much as possible until they follow a shape and form natural to you. You can treat stains without having to wash denims. Following these tricks will allow you to enjoy that perfect denim ensemble for a long time.


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