How To Change Tanning Bed Lamps

Tanning beds are used in salons. People use these types of beds in order to get a tan without having to lie down under the sun for hours and damage their skin in the process. Tanning beds typically consist of fluorescent lamps. With continued use, the lamps are not as effective, and this can change the tan that you get when you use the tanning bed. You can change the tanning bed fluorescent lamps on your own. You do not need to call an electrician to do it for you.

Here are the steps on how you can change the tanning bed lamps on your tanning bed:

Materials. The things that you will need to have in order for you to change the fluorescent lamps on your tanning bed are a cotton cloth for cleaning and the number of fluorescent lamps that you will need to change. You may also need some starters if the starters on your tanning bed are busted. You can get these from the hardware store. Just tell them what type of tanning bed you have and they will know what type of fluorescent bulb to give you.

Clean your tanning bed. First, clean your tanning bed with the cotton cloth. Wipe all around the surfaces to get rid of all the dust that has accumulated.

Take tanning bed apart. Carefully take the tanning bed apart. Get the acrylic covering and set it aside. Remove the old fluorescent bulbs. Remember to handle them gently and do not force them out of the tanning bed as you can bread it and this can be dangerous. Make sure that the starters are still working before you replace the old bulbs with the new ones.

Install the new lights. Make sure that they are inserted in the correct way. When everything is set, wipe the bulbs with the cotton cloth to get rid of any fingerprints or dust. Get the acrylic covering of the tanning bed and replace it.

Test the tanning bed. Afterwards, you can test the tanning bed to see if all the light bulbs work. Plug the tanning bed and let it run. See if there are any more lights that are not turning on.

Dispose the old bulbs. Gather the old light bulbs and dispose of them properly. Do not mix them in with the regular garbage that you have. Put them in a separate container. You can label the garbage so that the garbage man knows that there are lights inside the baggage.

These are the steps on how you can change the tanning bed lamps on your tanning bed. If you use the tanning bed regularly, it is advisable to check and change the bulbs once every six months. You can see if the bulbs need changing by looking at the bulbs when you power up the tanning bed. If it takes a few seconds for the bulb to light up, it may need changing.


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