How To Choose a Blush Color

Our culture is flooded with images of beauty and glamour. A lot of people mistakenly try to copy a celebrity as they look in an interview or even a movie, forgetting that the lights and expert stylists create that look. When trying to recreate that look, you might end up comical. In order to enhance your natural features and create a look that appears both natural and attractive.

  1. Step One: Before going to a store, spend some quality time in the mirror determining if cooler or warmer colors best match your skin tone. Olive, rosy, and darker skin tones require cool colors. Other indicators of cool colors are lighter hair colors or blue or green eyes. Lighter and more golden skin pigment means that warmer colors look best. Those colors also compliment light reddish and golden hair and darker eye colors. Not everyone is a complete warm or cool but a combination of both.
  2. Step Two: Since natural tones look best, figure out a make-up that best matches the natural blush tones your skin makes. Pinch a bit of unaltered skin by the sun very lightly. A good place to search for this skin is right under the armpit.
  3. Step Three: Take a picture of yourself with no make-up for future reference, making sure to use lighting that doesn't romanticize features. This must be an accurate portrait of how your really look.
  4. Step Four: Try to find a color that best matches the natural blush and try it out on the palm of your hand and place the color against the picture of you with no make-up. There are countless tones of blush. It may take a little trial and error to find the exact match.
  5. Step Five: Observe people around with similar skin tones as yourself. Make a note of what looks good on them. Observation could help you make the final decision.
  6. Step Six: After applying the selected blush, take a look in the mirror. Do not be satisfied with a look that kind of feels right. This is your skin and bad make-up could mean a horrible first impression. If you are still not clear by looking in the mirror, take a picture of yourself with the blush as the only make-up you wear. Compare the picture of yourself with no make-up to the new one. Does the picture look better or worse?
  7. Step Seven: Enjoy your new look. People always look better when they feel better.


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