How To Choose a Boar Bristle Brush

Boar bristle brushes are used to help clean your hair and evenly distribute the natural oils produced in the scalp. It can gently and delicately massage your scalp and make your hair glossy and vibrant. Boar bristle brushes are made more durable with the addition of nylon bristles to make it last for several years, giving you good service each time. These brushes are ideal for those with thick hair. But do not use a boar bristle brush to untangle your hair.

Boar bristle brush benefits include the ability to reduce split ends because the bristles are packed closely together, and the ability to close the hair cuticle as it distributes the natural oil into each strand, which makes the hair smooth and shiny. The brush is easy to clean due to the dense packing of the bristles. Trapped hair can be pulled away from the bristles easily.

Like most brushes, boar bristle brushes also come in different shapes and sizes. You have to choose the right one for your hair type. Read the tips below to guide you.

  1. Choose a small round brush for styling short bobs and pixie hair styles. A small rectangular one can be used for regular brushing. For those with longer hair, get a rectangular one for brushing your hair and a round one for styling to make large waves and curls. A crescent shaped one can also be used for styling to add more volume to long hair and keep it straight.
  2. Thick, long hair will benefit from a one with longer bristles to reach the scalp so that the oils can be properly distributed. Get one with a combination of nylon and natural boar bristles that are more sturdy and rigid to enable the bristles to reach down to the scalp.
  3. Those with very fine and short hair should choose a brush with one hundred percent boar bristles that are more loosely distributed. Use this only for regular brushing as the bristles will eventually bend and lie flat if you use a 100 percent natural boar bristle for styling, even for fine short hair. Use only 100 percent boar bristles for people with thinning and damaged hair for gentle brushing that will not pull out the hair roots.
  4. Choose several round brushes in different sizes for styling. A big round one is used to create loose wavy and big curls while the smaller round ones will create tighter curls and spirals. The big round brush can also help tuck in the hair ends into a smooth soft curl.
  5. To maintain very long and straight locks, get a paddle-type boar bristle brush. Choose a large one that will cover more area with one stroke.
  6. Boar bristle hair brush that uses only the first cut of the boar bristles are the best. These are made from bristles that are taken from the bulb end which have natural rounded tips that are gentler on your scalp.

Pick up the right type of boar bristle brush based on your hair texture, hair length, thickness and the way you like to style your hair.


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