How To Choose a Hair Stylist

How many times have to gone to a hair salon for a trim only to go to another salon to get your hair fixed? In some cases you may end up with shorter hair than what you would have wanted or a hair style that does not really suit your face and hair. It can be frustrating to find a good hair stylist and with hair growing for only about one centimeter a month, it can be a long wait before you can get your hair back in shape.

  • It is very important that you look for a hair stylist who will work with you and advice you on what cut and hair style will look good on you, how to care for your hair daily and how to maintain its shape.
  • Locate the different hair salons in your area and make it a point to visit each one. Schedule your visit when you know the salon will be busy so you can observe how the hair stylists work and serve their clients.
  • Observe them perform different tasks. There are some salons where the hair stylists will also do other hair treatment procedures. Talk with the clients in the waiting room and inquire who their favorite stylist is and why. Get their recommendations. Check out how the hair salon is laid out. Look at the various hair styling equipment they have, how the shop is cleaned and how the cutting tools are kept and maintained. Do they sterilize their combs, brushes, scissors and razors?
  • It is not always effective to ask for recommendation from friends and family since the texture of your hair and the shape of your face will be different from theirs. What you can do is cut out pictures of hair styles that you think will look good on you and bring them to the salon and ask if a particular hair style will suit you. You will be able to gauge how good the hair stylist is if she can give you a straightforward answer and give you recommendations on what will look better on you.
  • Rather than look for a good individual hair stylist, look for a good hair salon. If the salon is run professionally and provide its hair stylists with regular training and refresher courses to keep them updated on current hair styles and cutting trends, you can be sure that you can find a good hair stylist within that salon.
  • A good salon will normally require its stylists to attend hair cutting competitions and participate in trade shows like the International Beauty Show, get mandatory advanced studies on cosmetology.
  • Do not gauge the quality of haircut you will get from a salon just because of the rates the salon charge for services. Gauge the stylist on how she approaches you and ask you questions about your hair style history, how you keep and maintain your hair style, how you clean your hair, what hair products you use and how long you spend styling your hair. If you were asked these questions this indicates the hair stylist knows her craft and is willing to work with you. Congratulations because you have found a new hair stylist.

Looking for a good hair stylist can be a trial-and-error thing for you. Take the time to browse the hair salons around you and follow the pointers given above. Finding the right hair stylist will ensure that your hair will be kept in style during the time that the hair stylist and you will be working together.


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