How To Choose a Hat

Different people wear an assortment of hats for a variety of reasons. Some try to keep the sun away from their face, workers protect their heads from falling objects and bumping into hard surfaces while others put one on because it makes them look cool or it completes their outfit.

Hats have been worn for centuries by people of different races, various social classes and religious affiliations. You can find caps, bonnets, cowboy hats, beanies, fedoras, berets, top hats, sun-visors, hats with feathers, fur, pearls, gems, logos, pictures, faux braids, hats made of felt, hard plastic, paper, straw, mesh, wool, metal …the choices, designs and materials are too many to enumerate.

In choosing a hat, here are some tips:

1. Choose a hat that will complement the shape of your face.

  • Oval face – lucky you!  great for almost any hat shape
  • Heart-shaped face – go for a small brim so as not to accentuate your narrow jaw; hat’s crown may be low, medium or high
  • Round face – select a hat with a medium to large brim and higher crown to downplay the roundness of your face;  find one in an angular shape; stay away from floppy hats
  • Long face – good for a wide brimmed hat with a low crown to make your face look shorter   

2. Base the hat on your body shape.

  • Tall – wear wide brimmed hats with a shorter crown; don’t use narrow hats with angular shapes
  • Petite – small brims with low crowns work well; big hats will make you look smaller
  • Full-figured –go for large brimmed hats, not small ones with short crowns

3. Fit the hat to make sure it is the right size. The hat may look lovely but if it is too loose or too tight, you will end up not wearing it for long.

4. Choose a hat based on where you will wear it or why you need one. There are hats for every occasion. Make sure to choose a hat that is appropriate to the event or gathering. If you are going to a wedding, a baseball cap is definitely not the way to go. On the other hand, playing golf does not require you to wear a top hat. Looking for protection from the cold?  Choose a hat made from material than can keep you warm.

5. Find a hat that matches the color of your hair and skin tone. A bright blue hat may not complement flaming red hair. Your skin tone is another consideration. Warm skin tones (red, peach or yellow undertones) should go for hats with a similar color not pinks, violets and blues.

Hats are great to wear because they not only protect your face, hats can make you look more polished, quirky, or way cool. They are wonderful accessories for every season and every occasion, from casual to formal, Easter to Bad Hair Days!  When choosing a hat, always consider the shape of your face, your overall body shape, the size of the hat, your outfit, the event and your reason for wearing one. Don’t choose a hat without fitting it. Whatever hat you choose, make sure it highlights your best features, reflects your unique sense of fashion and wear it with confidence!  Happy Hat Hunting!


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