How To Choose a Home Perm

Women with straight hair often want to have curly locks.  Those with curly hair covet long shiny straight hair.  There are different ways to add curls to your hair.  You can use curlers and curling irons.  However, the resulting curls do not last long.  To get longer lasting curls, women go for perms.

A perm (short for permanent) uses chemicals to turn straight hair into curly locks.  To get back your straight hair, you have to wait for new hair to grow.  Going to the salon for a perm is quite expensive.  A less expensive option is to have a perm at home.

Thinking of getting a home perm?  Here are some guidelines to keep in mind.

1.    Select the style of perm you want.  You can have spiral perms, wavy curls or tight curls.  You can have a body perm that gives you softer curls.  Your hair will have more volume and more movement than real curls.  A root perm is a way of getting height right at the roots. 

2.    Select the type of perm you want depending on your hair type.

  • Alkaline perms are great for normal hair if you want strong, firm or tight curls.  Hair that is resistant to styling or previous perms that relax too quickly are suited for alkaline perms.
  • Acid perms work best for fragile, delicate or fine hair.  You get a more natural look by adding body to your hair.  It also lowers the risk of damage to your hair.

3.    Pick the size of curling rod.  Perm kits come with curling rods that are color coded.  The colors are the same for all perm kits.  If you want loose curls, select a purple rod.  The grey rod gives you the tightest curl.  Generally, the smaller the rod, the tighter your hair curls. 

4.    Compare what the different brands offer including price.  Ogilvie and L’Oreal are two of the top brands of home perm kits in the market today.

5.    Buy a home perm kit that is suited for colored hair if your hair has been colored treated.  The chemicals found in regular home perm kits can strip the color of your treated hair.

6.    Read user reviews on home perm kits.  Use the power of the internet to research on the different home perm kits in the market.  Read user reviews for these kits so you are aware of any untoward experience that others may have with the perm kits.


  • Follow the instructions on the home perm kit to the letter.  If necessary, have a friend assist you.
  • Make sure to moisturize your hair with a conditioner every day.  Choose a conditioner for your type of hair.
  • Unless you are sure on how to use a home perm kit, it may be better if you go to a reputable salon for a perm.  Salon personnel are trained on how to use chemicals for producing curls.  Going to a salon ensures that you get the right results and reduce the damage to your hair.

Getting those curly locks you have always wanted starts with choosing the right home perm kit. Curling your hair with a home perm kit for the first time can be nerve wracking.  Expect that you won’t get the exact results that you want.  But once you get the hang of it, you can save a lot of money by curling your hair at home instead of going to the salon.  Just remember that if you don’t get the curls you want, you can try again next time your hair grows out.


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