How To Choose a Neckline That Flatters Your Face Shape

When it comes to choosing your clothing, the details are what are most important. One of the details that can make or break your outfit is the type of neckline that your clothes have. The neckline is crucial because it can flatter your face, your neck, and your chest when chosen appropriately. It can also drive attention away from the disproportional parts of your body and lead the eye to your assets. Here’s how to choose a good neckline according to your face shape.

  1. V-neck. The V-neck is one of the most useful neckline cuts because it will work with a wide range of face shapes. The V-neck, however, is usually underappreciated. Although the cut will work wonders for most people, those with round or oblong shaped faces will benefit most from these types of necklines, because the angular cut of the V-neck will balance out the round shape of the face. How low and how prominent the V neck is will be determine by the shoulders and your body type. If you have large shoulders, you can make these appear smaller by choosing V-necks which are smaller. Small and narrow shoulders, on the other hand, will look more proportional if you choose wider V-necks.
  2. Turtleneck. The turtleneck is a piece that can easily be worn by women who have long necks and long faces. Because the turtleneck covers the neck, it will balance out the figure of long shaped women, and will make the body seem more proportional. If you have a rounded face, on the other hand, avoid this type of neckline since it will make your face seem cramped.
  3. Crewneck. The crewneck is shirt collar design that is characterized by a high and rounded neckline. This is a cut that will also work well with most women, except those with squarish or rounded faces. The round shape of the crewneck will only make the face appear more round, while squarish faces do not work well with the crewneck because it provides too much contrast with the square face. If you have a diamond shaped face or an oval face, on the other, the crewneck cut will work perfectly well for you.
  4. Empire neck. The empire neck is one of the most challenging necklines to wear, but those who can manage to pull it off will look great. The empire neckline is characterized by a squarish shaped neckline that stops at a horizontal line on the chest area. It will provide plenty of skin but will remain elegant and classy because of the horizontal line that does not come off as too daring.  The empire neckline, however, will work mainly with women who have round faces, prominent chests, and shorter necks.
  5. Scoop neck. Finally, larger sized women should choose clothes with a scoop neck. The scoop neck has a U shaped neckline that plunges deeply. This will make the body and face seems slimmer, and is perfect for wide faced women.

With the proper neckline, flattering your face shape and minimizing the impact of other parts of your body can be done. Through these steps, you should be able to update your wardrobe in a style that is compatible with your face.


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