How To Choose a Permanent Hair Removal Technique

Hair can be an asset when in the right parts of the body. When not in the right parts of the body, however, hair can be embarrassing, especially for women. If you are tired of shaving and plucking hair away and if you find these chores too painful to be done on a regular basis, you should consider permanent hair removal options. There are a number of techniques which are used to permanently remove hair. Here’s how you can select one which works.

  1. Do your research. It is always best for you to do your research on the type of hair removal techniques that you are considering, before committing yourself to these procedures. Research on the methods used to undertake the procedures and the effects which these procedures can have on the body. Also do some research on the spas and centers where you are planning to get the procedure. Make sure that these facilities are accredited and that they have licensed doctors and technicians who can remove the hair in your body.
  2. Body part. The part of the body that you will treat should also be considered. There are some techniques which are a bit more painful than others, and if you are planning on getting hair removed in parts of the body which are very sensitive, you will need to prepare yourself for some pain. Some centers will offer mild analgesics or anesthetics to help in the hair removal process. The scope and severity of the hair problems should also be assessed. Some techniques are only useful for mild types of hair growth, while others will be too harsh if you will only need to remove mild growths of hair.
  3. Electrolysis. Electrolysis is one of the preferred modes of treatment for permanent hair removal. Electrolysis works through probes that will bring in shocks of electricity into the follicles, which will effectively render the follicles unable to produce more hair. Although rather painful, electrolysis is one of the techniques which guarantee permanent hair removal. Keep in mind, however, that only certified dermatologists and practitioners should perform the procedure.
  4. Laser hair treatment. Laser hair treatment is an alternative to electrolysis. Here, the shocks and currents of electricity are replaced by concentrated lasers of light which acts to immobilize and render the follicles unusable. Like electrolysis, this is also a permanent type of hair removal for most people. Some will experience hair growth after a long time, but the hair growth will be slimmer and less noticeable. In most cases, hair will not grow back at all. Laser hair treatment is especially useful for large parts of the body such as the arms, legs, and the back.
  5. Consider your other alternatives. Finally, consider the other options such as using depilatory creams like Nair. These are applied topically, but the effects will last a long time as well, as long as these are used regularly. These are also much cheaper and easier to apply, and will usually not hurt.

With the right type of hair removal technique, getting a smooth body is possible. These steps should guide you to selecting the best technique for your body type and hair growth problem.


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