How To Choose a Powder Color

For a polished cosmetic look with professional results, you need to apply a powder to set the foundation make-up. But, choosing the right color of powder will make or break your image, so be sure to select the right one. As with a liquid or matte finished foundation, you will want to choose a powder that is lighter than your skin, however, too light of a powder may give you an eerie glow in the dark appearance.

For fair skinned women selecting powder, a clear translucent shade is your best bet to avoid a chalky white finish, and that's also the shade that is easiest to find in stores and one of the cheapest to buy.

For medium toned skin, try a honey or beige colored powder to lightly accentuate your make up. The seam around the hairline and jaw should be blended well as to not leave a trace of powder on the face. Unblended color tones will appear to be blotches or skin discolorations.

For darken skin tones, try a warm honey beige or sandalwood shade that leaves your face with a clear, fresh finish. Powdered bronzers are another option to add a healthy glow to your skin. Lightly swipe your face with a large and wide cosmetic brush to highlight your forehead, cheek bones and chin for an all over even glow. And a  powered bronzer makes a great substitute for loose powder, especially in the summer time for that fresh as a daisy look.

When choosing the color of your powder, also regard the texture of the powder, as pressed powder in a compact does not spread as thinly and evenly as loose powder. The compact type powder should be used for touch ups throughout the day, rather than your finishing touch on fresh make up.

Some of the best loose powder brands come from Coty and Revlon that give a generous portion for a moderate price. Most women use their loose powder only once a day, so a large container may last you for over a year. Just be sure to change your applicator sponge or puff regularly to reduce contamination with bacteria. You may also wash your applicators, but they are cheap and plentiful to buy in a package of five from most beauty supply outlets.

However, a compact powder container is not as durable as the loose powder. Because the product is compacted into a tight space, the application of the powder is a bit stiff and sticky. The compact works best for light pats where necessary over your upper lip and cheek bones. In addition, the compact powder applicator is subject to a day's worth of sweat and grime, so be sure to replace the puff at the first sign of soiling.


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