How To Choose a Scent of Perfume Spray

Having a signature perfume spray can set you apart from your friends. People usually choose the scent of their perfume based on their personality or on the scents that they love. You can also have a signature scent by purchasing a perfume spray that will make you distinguishable. Here are some of the tips that you can use in choosing a scent of perfume spray:

  • Favorite smells. To narrow down your choices, you must first know what your favorite spray fragrance is. Are you someone who enjoys fruity smells, floral smells, woody smells or powdery smells? You can then choose a few perfume sprays that have the smell that most attracts you. You can ask help from a salesperson in choosing some of the perfumes that have the smell that you want.
  • Try on the perfume. Some people just sniff the perfume bottle instead of trying it out. It is advisable to spray some perfume on yourself, as the smell will be different when it is applied on the skin. Do not rub the perfume and allow it to settle on your skin. Some perfume scents only develop their smell after they have been sprayed on for a few hours. When you purchase, you can try on the perfume first and make your decision after a few hours of wearing the perfume so that you can smell the full effect of the scent.
  • Do not try on plenty of perfumes. Another mistake that others do is trying on multiple perfumes one after the other. This is not a good idea, as the smells of the different scents will mix with each other. You can sniff perfumes on a trial strip to smell more fragrances. When doing this, you have to cleanse your palate after smelling one scent. Most perfume stores have jars of coffee beans for this purpose. After sniffing the coffee beans, you can try and smell another scent of perfume.
  • Consider the climate. In choosing the right scent of perfume, you must also take into consideration the climate of the place where you live in. In warm or hot temperatures, perfumes tend to give off a stronger sent as the perfume evaporates quicker. It is best to choose light scents for warmer climates.
  • Purchase for the smell. In choosing a perfume, do not forget that you are choosing the scent. Do not purchase a perfume just because it is the latest release for the brand that you love. You have to choose a scent that you enjoy wearing.

These are the tips that you can follow when choosing the right scent of perfume spray. You can also purchase a package with the perfume lotion so that you can wear it together with the spray. You do not always have to purchase from the high end perfume brands. You can also have a signature scent from cheap perfume. Once you have found your signature scent, it will be easier for you to shop for a perfume the next time. You can even purchase online perfumes.


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