How To Choose an Outfit

What should I wear today? This is a familiar utterance most especially among women. Finding the right clothes seems to be an arduous task. Putting together an outfit is not as difficult as it seems, though. You just need to recognize the basic considerations.

  1. In deciding what outfit to wear, the first thing you need to consider is the event or the type of occasion you are going to. Will it be an outdoor event, a wedding or a business gathering?
  2. Second, you have to know the possible color motifs required for the occasion. This is especially true for theme parties and weddings.
  3. Consider all the options you have in your closet, keeping in mind the first two items above. If this is a very special event, you may want to consider buying a new outfit or having it custom made.

After you have considered the three options above, you can narrow your choices to the clothes that you feel will fit the occasion and the style that you will be most comfortable slipping into.

Proportions. Most of us do not have perfect body proportions, and it's normal. Don't force yourself to wear the latest trends in fashion, those that you can find in the pages of fashion magazines. You might end up being arrested by the fashion police. The proper technique in picking an outfit is to know your body shape and create the proper illusion of being shapely. This is what you call dressing to complement your body shape.

For instance if you have a pear-shaped figure, your lower body is proportionally wider than your upper body. You should avoid clothing that attracts attention to your hips like tops and blouses that rest directly on your waist.  Shift the attention to other parts of your body, and add some accessories to complement your look. Now, if you have a straight body shape, you can show off your lean legs.  You can wear skirts and dresses to highlight the best features of your body. For some women, a round body figure makes them feel insecure; with shapely hips you can wear tunics with narrow belts as an accessory.  

Comfort. Whatever outfit you choose, the number one consideration is comfort.  If you have chosen an outfit that makes you feel uncomfortable all night, you will not be able to enjoy yourself. Wear something that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable in your body.

Accessories. Use accessories with style. The best way to jazz up an outfit is to accessorize. With the proper accessories, a simple outfit can add spark to your total look.

Be daring. It is never wrong to be daring or experiment with your fashion style. However, choose a more appropriate occasion to do that. When you are in doubt, you can never go wrong with picking the basic stuff.  The simple black dress in your closet, matched with the right accessories, can make you feel stylish and elegant.

Keep in mind that you don't have to conform to what the latest fashion dictates. As long you are comfortable with what you are wearing, you are going to be a winner.


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