How To Choose Clown Makeup

Clowns are funny to look at. They are funny because they do crazy tricks and antics. More importantly, they are funny because of their exaggerated getup and their funny makeup. In this article, you will read about tips and ideas that you can keep in mind when choosing makeup for your clown.

The object of putting on clown makeup is to make you look funny rather than scary or horror-like. By putting on clown makeup, you are creating a unique character or image for your clown. So, you need to choose clown makeup well.

One consideration you need to think about when shopping for clown makeup is how sweaty you are. As a clown, you will have to move around a lot, you will do mime acts, your actions will be exaggerated and outrageous. These can make you sweat profusely. If you choose water-based clown makeup, it might smear or run when you perspire, thereby making you look like a multicolored zombie whose skin is peeling. If you are a sweaty person, go for oil-based clown makeup so that it would still look great on you no matter how much you sweat.

Before you buy other supplies for your clown makeup kit, you need to make up your mind first about what type of clown you’d like to be. The kind, amount, and color of the makeup that you need to buy will depend on the clown type that you want to be.

There are three basic types of clowns.

  • The first is the traditional clown. It is the most common clown and is quite well-known because of its white face. As a matter of fact, it is commonly known as the Whiteface Clown. Obviously, you will need a lot of white makeup for the Whiteface Clown.
  • The second type of clown is the Auguste Clown. It is the most ludicrous clown and is the complete opposite of the Whiteface Clown’s character. Unlike its counterpart, the Auguste Clown’s face has the color of skin, but not the usual color of skin. This clown’s face is somewhat redder than typical skin. Particular facial features of the Auguste Clown are highlighted with white. You can use other colors on the face of the Auguste Clown, though white and the skin tone should be more dominant on the face.
  • The third type of clown is the Character Clown. It is sometimes known as the Happy Hobo or the Sad Tramp, though the Character Clown can be something else. It can be a cowboy, a race car driver, a firefighter, and so on. The distinctive feature of the Character Clown is that it is a funny character. Depending on what character you want your clown to be, you will need the appropriate makeup and supplies for that particular character.

Remember to include baby powder, cotton buds or swabs, makeup brushes, cotton balls, sponges, etc. in your clown makeup kit. You might need a cleansing solution, as well. You will use the cleansing solution to remove your makeup after your performance. Some people use cooking oil as makeup remover. You might want to use that if you don’t want to spend a lot.

Choosing your clown makeup is almost as fun as clowning itself. But, unless you know how to go about it, you will probably laugh at yourself for your very own clownish and clumsy choices for your makeup.


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