How to Choose Colored Contact Lenses

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Most people make some effort to change up their look for the better in one way or another. This might include extreme measures like cosmetic surgery or intense bodybuilding or more common methods such as getting a new haircut and color or trying out a new wardrobe style.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to change up your look, either subtly or dramatically, is by investing in a pair of colored contact lenses. Your eyes are the focal point of your face, and there are few areas of your body as noticeable.

Wearing colored lenses can enhance your own eye color or completely change it depending on what you choose. So if you're looking for a way to shake up your look this season, here are some commonly asked questions about colored lenses so you can decide if this fun option is right for you:

Why Do People Choose Colored Contact Lenses?

Among the many reasons that people enjoy colored lenses is one main reason: Acuvue colored contacts make your eyes stand out in a striking way. It's fun to change up your and new ways to express yourself by altering or enhancing the way you present yourself physically. On any given day, people are changing their hair color, makeup shades, nail colors, and choosing clothing items in colors and styles that fit their mood and their lifestyle. Why not change your eye color as well?

Though colored lenses are used for actors and actresses, among makeup artists, in advertising, or during special events or holidays, they can also be worn by everyday people on a regular basis. Using colored contact lenses is an easy way to either completely change up your appearance or to enhance your natural eye color.

Are Colored Lenses Safe To Wear?

If the lenses have been approved by the FDA, they are safe to wear. Be aware that there are many sellers online and in stores who sell lenses that might not meet the strict safety standards that they should. Don't be lured in by cheap prices at the cost of quality and safety.

To help you steer clear from lenses that aren't up to standard, don't buy colored contacts from any boutiques, street vendors, salons or beauty supply stores, shops on the beach, Halloween stores or novelty stores, or from internet sites that aren't able to state that their lenses are FDA approved.

Can Colored Lenses Be Worn Without A Prescription?

Colored contacts aren't only for those with a prescription. There are lots of options available if you're looking for non-prescription lenses for no other reason than to change up your look.

Even if you don't need a prescription, you still need approval from your optometrist to wear colored lenses. Make an appointment with your eye doctor and let him or her know that you're interested in colored lenses and they'll be happy to assist you.

How Will I Know Which Lenses Will Work With My Eyes?

There are hundreds of colored lenses and specialty lenses to choose from, but picking the right ones for your eyes will depend on a couple of things. Take your skin tone and your natural eye color into consideration as you look at your options. Halloween and costume colored lenses work on anyone, but if you're looking for an everyday lens, you might want a more natural look.

If your eyes are naturally light blue, grey, or green, opaque lenses provide a subtle but stunning effect. For darker eyes, lenses in hazel or brownish/green will enhance them naturally.

If a more striking look is what you're after, olive and dark skin tones might want to consider a bright blue or green or extra dark contacts for fair skinned, light haired customers.

Can I Share My Colored Contacts With Others?

Just as you should never share your eye makeup with others, you should never share your colored lenses with anyone else no matter what. If you share your lenses with someone else, you're putting both of you at risk for eye infections that can become serious. Don't even let someone else try your lenses on for even a minute. Contact lenses of all kinds should be kept to yourself.

Which Should I Choose? Non-Disposable Or Disposable Lenses?

With such a wide variety of colored lenses to choose from, you'll find the shade and style that you like in both disposable and non-disposable options. Disposable lenses are available in daily, 30 day, and 90 day disposable.

If you're buying colored lenses for a special event such as Halloween, these need to be thrown out after use since they won't be safe to wear a year afterward. In this case, non-disposable lenses are a great choice.

Will I Still Be Able To See Like Normal?

Colored and specialty lenses, even though with abnormal shapes or pupil designs, will still allow you to see out of them normally.

You don't need to worry about colored lenses changing the way you see the world on a daily basis unless of course your new colored lenses are prescription lenses and allow you to see more clearly.

Will Wearing Colored Lenses Damage My Eyesight?

There have been some unfortunate stories about people damaging their eyes or even going blind as a result of un-regulated colored contact use. But so long as you buy your contacts from a reputable source, you have nothing to worry about.

Use proper hygiene with your lenses and apply them the way you're supposed to, avoid sharing them with others and get a referral from your eye doctor for a good source for safe lenses, and your lenses will be safe to wear.

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