How To Choose Colors that Flatter Your Dark Skin Tone

There are no hard and fast rules for choosing the right colors that flatter your dark skin tone. Color selection for clothing is a completely subjective enterprise often based on personal preference, or just plain crowd preference. Regardless of whether you have pale or white skin, medium-toned skin, or dark skin, you can actually wear clothes of any color, if you like.

You would probably look outrageous and ridiculous in some, but if that doesn’t bother you the least bit, then there’s no problem. You would probably look smart and brilliant and attractive in others, and if the crowd’s positive reaction is big deal to you, you might want to take note of the colors that made other people compliment your looks.

There are some occasions, however, when you would want to wear clothes whose color does not make you look funny because of the stark contrast it creates between the clothes and your skin. Whatever your skin complexion is, you will surely be able to find an appropriate and matching color for your skin tone.

If you have dark skin, there are two possibilities you can explore. One possibility is to choose colors that even out your dark skin tone. In this case, your goal is to wear clothes whose color shade does not contrast extremely with your dark skin. Darker shades of red, violet, blue, or green may work well.

Another possibility is to go full force with the contrast. Especially if you have black or dark-brown eyes and hair, your dark features will contrast with the bright colors, thus catching the eyes of your onlookers. Baby blue, white, khaki, gray, and pink seem to create a good contrast in dark-skinned people. Yellow is said to be effective to some dark-skinned people, as well.

You can even resort to black. It is the safest color because it matches well with all skin complexions. Yet, you wouldn’t want to wear black all the time. To decide to wear black forever would be to close your doors to the possibility of finding other colors that could potentially match your skin tone.

You would need to experiment a bit with the right color for you. Don’t just rely on your on subjective visual perception of the appropriate color of the clothes that you’re trying on. Seek the opinion of a trust friend and with him or her, try on several different colors - especially those that you have never tried before. You can even try taking pictures of you wearing clothes with different colors. Show the pictures to some friends so that you can gather their collective opinion. Often, the more votes a picture gets, the more likely the color of the outfit you’re wearing in that picture will be a good complement to your dark skin tone. This kind of experimentation with different-colored outfits can be fun, as well. Avoid being tempted to undergo color analysis. More often than not, it will limit your choice of clothing color, despite the fact that the results of such analyses should never be taken as gospel truth or as absolute. The more fun way is to experiment.

Choosing the right color that matches your dark skin tone is not a well-defined process, but it can be done. All that you need is some adventurous spirit, attentiveness to feedback from others, and several good friends who will honestly share their opinion about the color of the clothing that you are wearing.


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