How To Choose Eyeglasses

Often the first thing people notice about you is your face. If you wear eyeglasses then your glasses will make up a good part of the first impression you make. To choose eyeglasses that suit you, follow these steps.

  1. Start with your prescription. Most eyeglasses made today will work for any prescription but if you have a very strong prescription you might need to check. Wire frames or half frames are not always available with thick lenses.
  2. Consider your needs. Once upon a time glasses provided only a few choices with clear, coke bottle thick lenses. Those days are over. Now you have options of lens thickness and shape as well as frames in plastic, metal wire and just about any color you can imagine. You can also select from lenses with bi- and tri-focal prescriptions or lenses that transition from clear to dark in the sunshine. Consider your needs before selecting a style.
  3. Coordinate with the shape of your face. When choosing the shape of eyeglass frames, the shape of your face needs to be part of your decision. Fit the size of your face first so the glasses are proportional and cover your eyes not half of your face. Sharp triangular or square shaped jaw lines are best softened with a rounded or oblong frame. While round faces look better with square or angular frames that sharpen the look. Keep the look from overwhelming a large or diamond shaped face with rimless style frames.
  4. Wear your personality. Once you have a general shape that will work for your face there are still hundreds of options to choose from. This is where you can let your personality shine. Choose a color that suits your style - more metallic and neutral for a conservative style versus dramatic color, shape or pattern for a more creative personality. You might consider getting different eyeglasses for the office than for your casual weekend personality. Experiment and have a little fun selecting frames that suit your personality. 
  5. Experiment for fit. Sometimes the only way to choose eyeglasses is to try them on for fit and look. Once you have three or four looks you like, try them on to experiment. With the frames fitted securely onto your face, spend some time in front of a mirror looking at the glasses from several angles. Turn your head to the sides and downward to make sure the glasses fit on your ears and nose, don't rub anywhere or slip off your face.

Your eyeglasses make a statement long before you open your mouth. Help them make a true statement about who you are by choosing the right frames that fit your face, your style and your personality.


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Sometimes I enjoy getting creative about my glasses even if I am more conservative really.

By Mary Norton