How To Choose Makeup for Blue Eyes

Applying eye makeup is essential to enhance the eyes and to add more expression to the face. If you have blue eyes, you want to emphasize your eye color by applying the proper eye shadow and eye liner. You do not want your eyes to look dull, at the same time, you also do not want your face to look too strong because of too much color. Here are some ideas in choosing the right makeup if you are blue eyed.

  • The standard colors that blend well with blue eyes are warm colors because they contrast with the cool blue of your eyes. Warm colors that you can use include brown and reddish shades. However, it will also depend on the time of the day, the occasion and the color of the clothes you will be wearing.
  • During the day, you can just apply brown eyeliner to add more definition to your eyes, and a hint of light brown or pale orange for the eyelids if you are wearing clothes with colors ranging from yellow to brown. If you are wearing cool colored clothes, you can use a shade of blue that is darker than your eyes. If you are wearing green clothes, a shade of pale brown or flesh on the eyelids will do. If you are wearing flowery colors such as pink, then a hint of pink on your eyelids will look fresh and cute.
  • For the evening, you can add a shimmer effect by using a silver eye shadow on top. You can also choose to use silver alone, without blending it in with other colors. Use brown mascara to add a dramatic effect to the eye lashes. This will bring out the blue in your eyes.
  • Adding a deeper color during evening events is common, especially if you are wearing a dark colored dress such as black, dark purple or brown. If you are wearing a red dress, you do not necessarily wear red eye shadow, however, you can use brown eye color, and red lipstick instead. If your dress has some glitter on it, then add silver eye shadow.
  • If you want a simple eye makeup that will go well with any clothing, then go for charcoal. Use a black eyeliner and trace the edges of the eyes. Use grey or silver eye shadow and apply on the eyelids near the edges of the eyes. Do not extend the eye color to the area near the eyebrows. Then apply black mascara and put on a bit of blush on your cheeks and a pale colored lipstick. This will provide emphasis on your eyes and will accentuate the blue iris.
  • It is best to keep the eyebrows subtle. Avoid using black brow pencil even if you are using black eyeliner and mascara. Stick to brown brow color, otherwise, the face will appear fierce.

Remember that while there have been “standards” for eye makeup that depends on your eye color, you have the freedom to experiment and create your own style. As long as you are comfortable with your style and you carry yourself with confidence, then there are no limits to your eye color choices.


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