How To Choose Socks

It may sound funny, but the fact is, not everybody knows how to choose the right kind of socks. If everyone knew, then we could stay away from blisters, burns, swelling, and even sweating. Indeed, here are some guidelines in choosing the perfect pair of socks.

  • Think of your activities. You don’t have to purchase every kind of socks on the planet, unless you want to have your own sock museum. Basically, you only want to buy a pair that is suited with your lifestyle. For instance, if you are athletic, you may need padded socks for added protection.
  • Consider the weather. If it’s too hot, your feet need socks that will keep your base cool and prevent wounds. If it’s too cold, your feet need insulated or padded socks to keep them warm. If you love watching live games, especially on a Super Bowl Sunday, you can protect your feet from the cold by using heated socks that have low-amperage batteries that provide fast but shock-proof heat.
  • Make sure the pair fits perfectly. It shouldn’t be too thin or loose (they keep sliding down), or get “eaten up” by your shoe. It shouldn’t be too thick either. If you’re tall, make sure the length of the socks from toe to heel is just right for you. If it’s too long, it’s going to be uncomfortable in the toe area. If it were too short, you’d feel awkward and uneasy, as well. In the end, the length of your socks should be precise. For example, if you are wearing mid- or high-cut boots, wear quarter and crew socks to protect your legs from abrasion from your boot tops.
  • Check the quality of socks. Check them inside out. There should be no holes when you buy them. There are plenty of good brands in the stores, and you can tell that your socks are high quality by the feel of the fabric.
  • Choose the comfy kind. You don’t want to spend money for a pair of socks that are rough as sandpaper. If you’re an active person, cotton socks are not recommended for you. Cotton is great in absorbing sweat, but it quickly gets saturated and dries slowly, too. So you’ll end up getting blisters. For cold or warm weather, merino wool absorbs quickly and wicks moisture, cushions your feet and does not irritate or itch like usual wool. But it dries slower than synthetic materials such as nylon, spandex, and other new materials commercially available. Synthetic materials are designed to absorb and quickly wick moisture, cushion the feet and dry fast. They are very durable, but are less comfortable when used during hot weather. The insulation is also reduced when it’s wet.
  • Select colors that match your attire. Don’t be arrested by the fashion squad! Dark colored socks go with black or navy blue pants. Grey, or any shades close to that color, goes very well with grey slacks. Brown shades go with any brown shaded pair of pants. Any color of socks would look good on jeans, and maybe, workout clothes.

Choosing the right pair of socks is very simple. Just apply what you’ve learned, research some more, and hop and shop to different stores to source out the best ones for you.


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