How To Choose the Best Hair Stylist

Whenever you go to the hair salons, you usually ask their best hair stylist, one who could attend to your needs.  Some are good, but at times some do not meet your standards. With this outcome, you tend to search for more hair salons in town in search for the best hair stylist according to your needs.

This might take a long process but in the long run, you are guaranteed with quality results once you found what you are looking for.  Here are some great suggestions that you can really on when in this dilemma.

  • Ask your family members and friends if they could recommend good hair salons, and who their hair stylist is. Remember, this should not be according to hearsay only. The reason why you are asking for references is because you want to know if they were happy with the results as well as the services.
  • If a family member or a friend suggested someone, then, it's time for you to find out. This doesn't mean that your hair will be put to test. Of course, you don't need to sacrifice your crowning glory and then later on blame yourself for getting the services of the hairstylist. What you can do is visit the said salon, inquire for the hair stylist and ask his portfolio. Check out also if his schedule is for appointment only. It only means that he is not a passable hair stylist if he requires prior arrangement.
  • There are available online forums for this subject. All you need is a username and password and you'll be able to get some details.
  • Since you are already using online forums, another best way to choose the best hair stylist is to search online. Narrow down your list of available hair salons and hair stylist in your area or in nearby areas and take note if there are any reviews from this site. Since you have registered an account in some forums, you might want to ask their comments as well.
  • At this time, since you've done your best in searching the most suitable candidate, this might be the best time to choose who among them fits your qualifications. If you are not sure with your decision, follow your gut feel. After all, the effort you have done for looking the best hair stylist is already justified.
  • If you have chosen your candidate, set an appointment. You could discuss with him your preferred style and cut. If he has other opinions as well, listen to it and imagine if that haircut will suit you and your lifestyle. If you don't agree with his suggestions, tell him upfront and tell him the reasons behind it. If he is not receptive about it, well, you have to find a new stylist in your list.
  • Take into account that you should have an open communication with your hair stylist.
  • Once you have found a hair stylist that gives you great satisfaction every time you have a haircut or other hair treatments, stick with that person. 


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