How To Choose the Perfect Red Hair Color

Red hair never really goes out of style. It is probably because of the fiery and hot look it can give any person wearing it. However, some people wearing red hair can sometimes look nasty and unappealing. This is widely due to the fact that most people don’t know how to choose the red hair color that matches their natural skin tone. Choosing the perfect red hair color really boils down to knowing your natural skin tone and using it to find a shade of red that will complement it. This being said, here are some tips on how to find the perfect red hair color based on your skin tone.

  • Determine your skin tone. The first step in choosing the perfect red hair color to wear is to first determine your natural skin tone. Basically, you need to know if you have light, medium, or dark tones. This will determine the shades and undertones of the hair color you should use that should complement and even enhance your skin tone. This can be difficult to do by yourself so; having a professional evaluate your skin tone for you is highly recommended. They will even present you with different shades you can use based on your skin tone.
  • Shades for light skin tone. Since you have pale skin, the shades of your red hair should be limited to subtle shades. Dark and deep shades of red will not be suitable and will only conflict and even wash out your pale skin tone. Stick to shades of blonde mixed with light reds such as strawberry blonde, terracotta, and light brunettes with subtle red highlights. Soft and warm shades of red are the key undertones here. If picking the right color leaves you quite disoriented, do not hesitate to consult an expert that can present you with the best options.
  • Shades for medium skin tone. Shades of red that are just right will be the best options for people with medium skin tone. Dark and light reds will not really bring out your skin tone. It is highly recommended to stick with medium shades such as auburn, reddish browns, and reddish copper. Avoid bright shades such as orange and blondes. If you really want hints of deep red in your hair, then you can maybe add it as highlights while picking an auburn shade for the main body of your hair.
  • Shades for dark skin tone. For people with dark skin, it is advisable to go with shades of red that are deep and soft in nature. Burgundy, violets, and dark maroon would be great shade options for your hair. Make sure to avoid using light reds such as reddish blonde and light auburn shades. Stick with dark and deep reds. This will really complement your dark or olive skin tone.

Once you choose the right shade of red for your hair based on your skin tone, have your hair colored and find yourself smoking hot and sexy. Again, if you were unsure of the red that should be plastered on your hair, it would be a smart move to just leave it to the experts to find the right shade for your hair.


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