How To Choose the Right Belt

Belts are essential accessories to accentuate your figure. It stresses the sexy figure of a woman or completes a man's ensemble. Belts resolve two functions. One is to hold up your pants, and the other is to create an attractive and fashionable look.

As a general rule, different styles of belts are used for different purposes. If you will wear the belt at the office, make sure that the color matches your office attire. Do not wear shiny and wide buckles that will minimize your overall corporate appearance. For a casual or evening look, you may opt to wear these kinds of belts. If you will wear a belt with a dress, make sure that the belt is made especially for dresses. A leather belt will look awkward and out of place with your dress.

How do you choose the right belt?

  • Skinny belts for slim waists. A skinny belt looks best on a person with a slim waist and short legs. It is less than an inch thick. If you have long legs, it is advisable not to wear skinny belts because it will give an impression of a wider waistline.
  • Medium size belts work for anyone. A medium size belt which has a size of 1-2 inches and looks good on almost every size and shape.  If you have short legs, you create an illusion of a wide belt. If you have long legs, you give the impression of a skinny belt.
  • Wide belts. The wide belt is more than 2 inches in size. It is best used with a dress or body hugging jeans or slacks. Wide belts look especially good in low waist jeans.  If worn correctly, the wide belt can accentuate the look of your outfit, giving it a glamorous appeal.

Most belts have sizes that range from XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL. For women, the equivalent of these sizes is as follows. XS 24 - 26 inches; S 28 - 30 inches; M 32 - 34 inches; L 36 - 38 inches; and  XL = 38 - 40 inches. For men, the sizes normally range within 32, 34 and 36 inches respectively.

In order to buy the right belt, make sure that you have fitted several options. Some belts that seem to be unattractive may be the best fit for you. Some stores have smaller or bigger sizes than your actual measurement. It is safest to buy a belt that is 2 inches larger than your actual waistline. When you shop in a mall or in a department store, ask for assistance. Sometimes, the size of a belt may be tagged 2 inches larger because of the buckle.

Choosing the right belt for you can be tricky. If you have no idea of the right size, style, and design that will match your wardrobe, you may actually ruin your overall look. On the other hand, if you are knowledgeable about belts and the perfect fit for your figure, you can enhance your look from stylish to chic and glamorous.


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