How To Choose the Right Hair Highlights

Hair highlights are supposed to give your hair a kind of sassy result. There are so many highlighting techniques being offered in the market today but be aware that you need to use the right one for your hair color and your hair length. It is not advisable to use highlights without consulting to see if it fits your hair and skin tones. If you are worried about what highlight to give your hair, here are some tips on how to choose the right one:

  • If you are choosing the right hair highlight for your cut, you can begin by assessing the length of your hair. There are certain highlights that work well with certain cuts.
    • If you have really short hair, your highlights may be too obvious that they will appear like they are a bit spotted. Limit your highlights to your bangs or perhaps at the tips of the back. Since your hair is very short, you should keep the hair highlights to a minimum or your hair might look like it was splashed with a bucket of paint. Limit your colors to just two hues as well.
    • If you have medium length hair and sporting a simple bob, highlights can be positioned only at the sides of your face. Do not distribute the hair highlights around your hair. Limit the use of colors as well.
    • Hair highlights are not advisable to really long hair, especially if you use two contrasting colors. Contrasting colors will make you look like Morticia Adams or Rogue from X-men and looking like a comic book character is not the way to go unless you want it that way. Perhaps you can use only the color highlight that is closest to your natural color or the majority of your hair color. It would be less obvious but it still creates depth.
  • The next step is to find out the color of your skin. Your highlights should compliment the color of your skin and not give it contrast. Hair highlights only come in two tones which are warm and cool. If you have a dark skin tone, do not use light hair highlights that make it stand out too much. Your highlights should look as natural as it is. If your hair is dark brown, use highlights that are in deep red or burgundy. Position the highlights sparingly. Do not over use the highlight color.
  • You can apply multiple color highlights as well. The pale yellow highlights of the yester-years are long gone. The trend nowadays is to use multiple colors that are in the same hue or that compliment each other. When applying these colors, be sure that you are creating intensity and drama and not disaster. You may add highlights deeper into your hair as well to give your hair completeness other than having highlights only on the hair surfaces.

If you are not sure in creating highlights to your own hair, you can ask a friend to give you help in putting them on. But if you think you have doubts about doing it and selecting it right, go to a trusted hair salon and ask them to give you the highlights that compliment your face, skin and hair tones.


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