How To Choose Tops for Large Arms

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Not everyone can have model-thin arms. Some of us are just blessed with larger arms. But what types of shirts are appropriate for bigger arms? And how do we know what looks right and not ridiculous? Check out this guide on how to fit tops for large arms.

Step 1

Wear a more comfortable sleeve. It's not always easy to find tops that are a comfortable fit for large arms. Most regular tops just don't have enough material in them to squeeze a larger arm into. So how do you find tops that fit your large arms without going up 3 shirt sizes? There are several trendy styles of tops out currently that are great for women with large arms. Look for a kimono top or a short with dolman sleeves. Both of these shirts have a baggy, flowing feel to them. You'll find these tops have much more material in the sleeves too, allowing your arms to fit comfortably into the shirt.

Step 2

Opt for stretchy material. You will also find that your large arms fit into tops that are made of material that stretches. Fabrics like cotton jersey and anything with a little bit of spandex in it have that extra give that plus-size women appreciate. These types of materials are great for large arms since they stretch to accommodate bigger women. Many stylish tops are available in these comfortable fabrics, so don't think you need to rush to the ‘lounge-wear' department to find something that fits your arms properly. Even plus-sized women will have no trouble searching for stretch tops.

Step 3

Try layering. If your top fits but it doesn't look right because of your large arms, you can cover up your troubles by layering your tops. Consider adding a vest or a small sweater on top of your shirt. It'll look trendy, and no one will realize it is serving the purpose of covering your ill-fitting top. You might also want to try draping a scarf around your shoulders. This covers your large arms at the same time that it completes your look with a trendy accessory.

Step 4

Have your tops altered. If you have the worst luck finding a shirt that fits your arms comfortably, considering buying something that you know you can have altered. For a few dollars, a seamstress can adjust the design of a shirt to fit the shape of your arms. You'll be amazed at how much better you feel when you're wearing a top that properly fits your large arms.


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