How To Clean a Diamond Ring

The secret in achieving a splendid result when cleaning a diamond ring is taking care that every bit of dirt and unwanted debris is removed. Diamond rings with exquisite designs require you to be more delicate when handling them, while those with basic looks such as a solitaire diamond may require less effort. The basic steps for cleaning a diamond ring are:

  1. Home vs. professional cleaning. First of all, see whether this diamond can be cleaned at home or whether it requires a professional cleaning. If you are not sure about the kind of metal, stones and intricacy of the security lock, then it is best to hand it to someone who is knowledgeable with precious metals.
  2. Prepare a cleaning area. Look for a place that is well lit. When you are working on something important, you don’t want the inconvenience of a dark environ. Avoid sites close to crevices, cracks or the sink. It will become a disaster when your precious diamond falls inside the sink, since there’s but a small chance that you will be able to recover it. So keep away from these places.
  3. Remove fibers. Use tweezers or other similar devices to remove fibers or hairs stuck in your diamond ring. You can use a magnifying glass to see it clearly.
  4. Rinse. Use water to remove loose dirt in your diamond ring. You may use running water, but be very careful, otherwise your precious ring might get lost.
  5. Cleaning solution. Dip your ring in a cleaning solution. You may use ammonia with three parts water or a similar agent. For best results, soak it in the cleaning solution. Use hand protection when doing so to avoid injuries to your hand and skin.
  6. Brush. Gently scrub the diamond ring with the use of a soft-bristle brush. Change angles to clean the hard to reach parts.
  7. Rinse again. Do this using fresh water to remove the cleaning solution from the diamond ring. Again, you have the option to use running water, but be very careful when using this to clean your ring as it may accidentally go down the drain.
  8. Dry. For sparkling results, use a lint-free cloth to dry and polish your diamond ring.

When after following this procedure you have not seen any effect or the result is minimal, you should repeat the procedure. If still there is no success in cleaning the diamond ring, it is best to bring it to your trusted jeweler. Note that excessive cleaning of your diamond could result in the appearance of unwanted scratches, especially to the surrounding metals, which are not as hard as the diamond it is supporting. So never overdo the cleaning. For daily cleaning all you need is a lint-free cloth.

In addition to the tips provided above, you should also remove your diamond ring when you are doing dirty activities such as performing house cleaning or participating in sports competitions. When you notice that your ring is losing its former glow or luster, you should start polishing it again. You may, however, perform some light maintenance cleaning daily, weekly or monthly.

With these tips in mind, you should enjoy a sparkling and gorgeous diamond ring, which looks as if it was fresh from the jewelry store.


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