How To Clean a Shaver

Panasonic, the inventor of wet/dry shavers, sells razors with pivoting heads that are used in the shower. Philips and Remington offers shavers made not only from standard stainless steel, but also blades made from very strong materials. Panasonic, for example, sells lubrication free titanium-plated and ceramic-plated blades.  For shaver accessories, Braun sells an automatic cleaning system for overnight hassle-free cleaning.

Still, cleaning men's electric shavers is easy because shavers come in only two basic designs: rotary blade or foil blade. Rotary shavers utilize one to three circulating cutting blades under its slotted head. On the other hand, the foil bladed shavers use a forward and backward motion in cutting hair through their screen.

The procedure for cleaning rotary shavers follows three simple steps:

  1. Unplug and turn off the shaver to prevent electric shock. After each shave, blow hair out of the heads then brush off remaining hair.
  2. Clean the head assembly at least once a week. To do this, remove the head assembly and carefully dismantle the cutting head according to the user's manual. Using shaver cleaner or disinfecting soap water, brush off hair and stubble around the cutting blades.
  3. Spray a lubricant on the blades. Reassemble head assembly then snap back on to the shaver housing.

Unlike rotary shavers, foil shavers are a little more complicated in operation. Instead of rotary blades, foil shavers may contain from one to three or more rows of blades. Single foil shavers use only one razor head screen over a cutter and they are suitable for the newbie shaver with slow hair growth. The double foil shavers have two cutters that are covered by two screens. The triple foiled has three cutters covered by three screens. However, cleaning foil shavers is also a simple matter.

The cleaning procedure for foil shavers involves more steps but is as simple to perform as rotary shavers:

  1. Unplug and turn off the shaver to prevent electric shock.
  2. Inspect the housing for cracks. See to it that the head screen, gaskets and seals are in good condition.
  3. Remove the razor head screen and lightly tap on the head to expel hair and stubble inside the screen. Be sure not to remove any mechanical piece under screen.
  4. Check for corrosion in the electrical connections. If you find any, scrub clean with electrical contact cleaner.
  5. Lightly brush off hair and stubble in the screen with electric shaver cleaner or disinfecting soap in water.
  6. Reverse-assemble your shaver.
  7. After you have successfully reassembled your shaver, squirt a little lubricant on the razor screen. This reduces friction between the blades and the screen, lessening the risk of razor burn.

Always refer to the user's manual before you clean your razor. And remember, razor blades including cutters and screens need to be changed once a year not unless you opt to economize by switching to the use of an epilator. Follow these simple steps on how to clean a shaver and you will always be assured of clean, dry shavers for a long time.


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